If you’re over a certain age, you might be guilty of saying things like, “Music was much better in my day!” Yep, you became the grouchy adult you used to complain about as a teen!

We may think this is just a sign that we’re getting old, but a cursory understanding of our changing brains may explain why we all stop paying attention to new music around age 30.

Of course, there are several other factors that may influence why we stop discovering new things too. Music streaming service site, Deezer, conducted a survey that found some interesting reasons why people stop paying attention to music by the time they get to their third decade.

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4. Brains Change a Lot When We’re Younger

Remember when you were between the ages of 12 and 22? You went through puberty, began exploring your independence, and constantly explored new stimuli.

Your brain went through some huge hormonal changes, and you had more time to just hang around and focus on what you’re listening to.

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3. Work Gets in The Way

Deezer found that people tended not to pay as much attention to new music because they had tough jobs to do.

2. Family Obligations Have All Your Attention

Many people get married, have young children, or are involved in serious relationships around age 30.

These family ties and obligations mean there’s less time to just chill out and discover new artists.

1. There’s Too Much Music!

Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and other music streaming sites are full of both old and new content. With so many awesome new artists creating music, it gets hard to take a chance on something you won’t like. This makes it easier to choose what you know instead of taking a chance on something new.

With family obligations, bills to pay, and adult responsibilities it makes sense that people aren’t racing to find new music to listen to.

What did you think? The comments section is a great place to contribute your perspective on why people of a certain age prefer things they already know.