While the era of the ‘Karen’ never cease?

Throughout the past few years, “Karens,” middle-aged white women who have felt threatened and call the police on people of color, have been prevalent in modern culture, but in 2020, there’s news of at least one a day who sinks to a new low.

In a video posted to Reddit and Twitter, a “Karen” appears to have already called the cops and knocks on the man’s door to ensure that he does live there.


The man tells her he was waiting for his son to come out, but this does not sate her. She also not satisfied when he enters his own home.

After a few minutes, once she realizes he does live there, she walks away, but not without yelling a string of obscenities and accusing him of being a drug dealer. He refers to the dozens of Karen’s we see on the Internet, and he says he never thought it would happen to him.

Twitterers responded with anger, saying the woman could have easily apologized when she realized she was wrong—instead, she dug her heels in even further.

Other people who responded said the behavior has been going on a long time, and we see as much as we do now because we can easily record evidence of it.

So far, the Internet has not identified the man, the woman, or the city in which the altercation took place. There’s also no telling if the cops ever showed up.

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