Have you ever walked down the street and see something crazy yet hilarious? Take the neighbor of Jeni Boysen, a mother of two.

While minding her own business, she looks up at Boysen’s house and lo and behold a naked child is flashing the neighborhood.

The neighbor snapped a pic with a cute emoji with a simple message. “Your kid is naked in the window.” She assured Boylen the pic was deleted and only to show proof of the boy having a good time.

Boysen laughed and posted on Facebook,

“Ya know. Sometimes you think you’re doing okay at life and then you get a message like this from a neighbor.

I just cried I laughed so hard ???”

It also prompted others to crack up, racking up over 155K shares!

And responses show that this kid isn’t the only one proud to wear his birthday suit.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Jeni Boysen

Boyz will be boyzzzz.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Jeni Boysen

Can’t boys them anywhere and apparently can’t trust them at home. Poor Mama Boysen was just trying to get things done!

Photo Credit: Facebook, Jeni Boysen

The absolute joy this brought people is hilarious! Who knew? And what an awesome neighbor.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Jeni Boysen

I think we all peed a little.

Cheers to Dax who made the day a whole lotta fun!

And cheers to mom and dad for raising a cool kiddo.