Kids love popsicles. But there’s one thing all parents know, which is that kids and popsicles never end well.

Sticky fingers, melted red popsicle syrup all over the house, the inevitable sugar crash later.

Well, one mom has this whole popsicle thing figured out. Meet Erin Bachman, a mom of two and a popular influencer on Instagram and TikTok.

Bachman figured out that her children will still eat “popsicles,” even if they are simply made out of ice. No flavors. No colors. No sugar.

It’s just … too genius for words. As you might have guessed, this smart parenting hack went viral on TikTok:


Introducing my kids favorite treat that they constantly beg for… WATER POPSICLES💀😭😂 #momlife #momsoftiktok #parentlife #tiktokmom

♬ LMFAO – shocking

But before you go assuming that Bachman is trying to trick her children into eating fake popsicles, you should know that they’re in on the ruse, too. And they don’t care!

“Both of my kids always say they’re yummy, but they also think that every flavor of real popsicles tastes the same.

So I think it’s more that they’re excited about having something frozen on a popsicle stick than it is about the actual taste.

Though this might not work with all children, it’s definitely worth a shot if you’ve got kids who are obsessed with popsicles. Summer is only just beginning, after all.

Bachman is also just pretty hilarious in general. She seems to take the ups and downs of parenting in stride, making funny and relatable videos like this one:


Oh honey I said the same thing😅 talk to me after telling your toddler they can’t lick every item on the shelf🤣 #momsoftiktok #momcomedy #momlife

♬ On A Roll – Ashley O

And this one:


it me💁🏻‍♀️ #momlife #momsoftiktok #familytime #gonnabefriends #momcontent #momcomedy

♬ Mrs Savage – RAZAAK ENIOLA 💫

Yep, parents can relate to this one, too:


mama needs her coffee #momlife #parenting #momsoftiktok #momcomedy #coffee #alwayslearning

♬ original sound – Lisa rinna

If you need a quick cold treat for your children, go ahead and take Bachman’s advice and make “water popsicles” cool. It just might work!

What’s your patented parenting hack? We’d love to hear from you!

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