Much like a fine wine or a piece of cheese, one’s sense of humor only gets better with age. After all, you’ve had more time to reflect on how absurd the world is and now you can make fun of it with reckless abandon.

Want proof? Just check out Myrna Tellingheusen’s Twitter account.

She’s an old lady who’s no-nonsense tweets have gained her the reputation as the funniest granny on Twitter.

Read on to see some of our favorite¬†“Pearls of Wisdom” from Myrna.

1. Never store-bought

2. She isn’t wasteful

3. Well-played

4. She takes action where others won’t

5. It’s not called “Margarinecream”

6. Burn

7. She has a reputation to uphold

8. What’s next? Store-bought cookies?

9. Those aren’t for your hands

10. Thank you

11. Ouch

12. Her devilled eggs are legendary

13. Spicy things are for the devil

14. Classic Barb

15. How selfish

16. She’s just looking out for y’all

17. It changes people

18. Who needs conversation when you can judge others?

19. Roberta might have been onto something…

20. Shhh

Never stop being you, Myrna! You do best!

So… what do you think? Which of these did you like the most?

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