Why would someone get upset with someone else for bringing their nephew to lunch with them?

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AITA for bringing my nephew to lunch with me?

“A few months back my SIL was t-boned At light. The person didn’t even break and hit her side of the car going fast.

Worst still she was a new mom of a month. Her injury are awful and included a broken pelvis right after a c section. He boyfriend bailed on her and the new baby so my husband with his parents have become full time caregivers.

I often have my nephew with me and acting as primary mother role. My whole family knows this. My sister had a birthday party at a restaurant and I brought my nephew. He wasn’t bad or anything but my sister was mad that I brought a baby to her birthday dinner.

My family just told me to give them a heads up in the future because they might want to change plans if a baby is coming. I told them as of right now they should be treating my nephew and I as a package deal because my SIL has a long road of recovery a head of her.

My dad told me “I’m sorry you have to go through this it isn’t right to raise a baby” at my age because I’m so young. I’m 24. My response was wtf is wrong with you all? And now everyone acts like I’m out of line and being disrespectful to my family.”

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