What do you think of when it comes to Russia?

Red Square? Vladmir Putin? Hockey? Vodka? Never-ending winter?

Whatever the case, I think we can all agree that Russia is a pretty unique and interesting place.

I actually spent ten days there in 2003 and it was an experience that I’ll never forget.

Take a look at these photos from a Twitter page called “No Context Russia” and get a peek at what goes on over there.

1. I guess he needed to cool off.

Maybe his AC was broken. Do what you gotta do!

2. Here he comes to save the day!

You definitely don’t see this every day.

3. It’s their version of Chuck E. Cheese.

Or something like that…

4. This person is not gonna be happy.

They couldn’t have had the car towed?

5. Fun and wholesome activities for the entire family!

Doesn’t this look like a blast?

6. There’s a lot going on in this photo.

Just take it all in…

7. Better than walking through the mud.

Pretty creative, right?

8. Reach out and touch someone.

I wonder what’s going on here…?

9. I guess they were all playing the same game?

Or they all went to the same carnival?

10. A hell of a way to spend your honeymoon.

What game are you guys playing?

11. What is he saluting here?

It’s too dark to be vodka…

12. I need one of these flamethrowers in my life.

Admit it. You want one, too!

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