I guess you never really know what kind of response you’re gonna get when you post something on social media.

You hope for the best and think that people will be positive and encouraging, but if you’ve spent any time on any of those sites, you know that people can be major a**holes.

And a 17-year-old girl from Alabama named Grace Brumfield learned that lesson the hard way.

Grace and her boyfriend Zach (who sports a glorious mullet, by the way) took photos in a sunflower field before they attended their school’s Homecoming dance last Fall.

Looks like pretty typical teenage stuff, right?


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But Zach’s mom posted the photos and then the backlash started…

Grace said “My boyfriend’s mom started telling me how the pictures had somewhere around 32,000 likes. She was talking about all the nice comments, and then she said, ‘And of course, there are the negative ones as well.’ My heart kind of immediately sank because I felt so confident about my appearance and attire that night, and I didn’t want that confidence I had to be in a way stolen from me. I have been picked on my entire life—my freshman year, I moved schools because it got so bad.”

Some people in the comments called Grace “trashy” and they said that her dress was inappropriate for a Homecoming dance.

So Grace took to TikTok to address the negativity.

@mgracebrumfield #greenscreen I hate my town…#homecoming#karen#happierthanever#facebook ♬ Happier than ever – Anouck

Good for Grace for standing up for herself!

Have you ever had to deal with negative backlash from a post you made on social media?

If so, share your stories with us in the comments.

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