Women hold 25% of the seats in the Senate and 23.4% of the seats in the House. Women hold less than 30% of the seats in state legislatures across the county. And in Alabama, for example, just 15% of seats in the state legislature are held by women.

This means men are playing a huge role in laws that are passed. Even laws that impact reproductive health – even laws that primarily impact women’s reproductive health.

This Twitter thread shows why that’s such a problem. User @brownandbella posed this question:

The answers speak for themselves. One guy tried to tell Mara Wilson that IUDs don’t hurt:

And another guy tried to tell a gynecologist where her clitoris was:

This Twitter user was banned from wearing tampons for “reasons”:

And here’s an interesting take on the umbilical cord:

And this guy who didn’t understand menstruation:

And this take on breastfeeding:

And a few men chimed in to apologize:

See the problem? So, please, educate yourself about reproductive issues. Vote for women. And for crying out loud, please listen to us when we tell you what’s going on with our bodies.

Heck, maybe we could get crazy and just let people make their own decisions regarding their own health.

Just a thought.