Sometimes we need a heartwarming social media thread to make us stop and appreciate what a wonderful world we live in. This one will make your heart sing.

Rachel Griffin, a YA novelist, proposed this challenge to followers and it sparked love all around.

Rachel, it definitely sounds like you have a keeper. Just imagine what he’d say if he saw a hummingbird.

Mind. Blown.

Some of Rachel’s followers chimed in and here are the best 10 Tweets!

10. A little cooking tune

With that sweet booty shake!

Photo Credit: Twitter, @SonjaJorsen

9. Chatting with children

Treat kids with respect is ALWAYS the right policy.

8. Inside jokes are the best jokes

To be laughing like this that late in life would be awesome!

7. The cat song

Cat dads are awesome!

6. Pure of heart and soul and spirit

She’s a big math fan.

5. “I’m the dad”

I mean… that is insanely adorable.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @2TheImp

4. Still BFFs


3. They do look like they’re wearing little tuxedos

And that waddle? It’s the totes cutest thing ever.

2. Hotdog dogs!

Put some mustard and ketchup on them and DON’T eat them.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @klbh89

1. With you in an emergency

Get ready for ALL the hugs, but I’ve got ALL of them right here.

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And… now we want to hear from you!

Which of these really tugged your heart strings? Tell us in the comments!

Thanks, fam!