Spelling fails can be hilarious. Especially when they’re not your mistakes. Let’s take a moment to point and laugh at these times when someone (not us) struggled to spell correctly.

1. Yes, but what about all the other schools?

This question is two hard. I can’t figure it out.

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2. Then please shower.

About ten times. That’s how many showers.


3. At least they corrected the capitalization.

Please, never do this in pubic.

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4. I feel like this is just trading in one crime for another.

But one shouldn’t be a crime… just saying.

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5. I screamed

Trust me, I’ve got a Handel.

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6. Which is good, because I like pears.

But I’ve heard my friends don’t like pears. So there’s that.

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7. He looks like a diva.

Scuba is a weird sport.

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8. This distinction may be up for debate.

Your… you’re…. who cares, right?

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9. I don’t care if their feces does smile, I’m not eating there.

I love these kinds of errors. Hilarious.

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10. The patient must be a termite.

Who’s a termite doctor?

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11. Yes.

Wait… is there another option besides No?

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12. Good to know.

I’m glad they have such a sunny disposition.

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Sure, spelling is hard. But having to live down these spelling fails? Much harder.

But what do you think? Which one of these are the most embarrassing?

Let us know in the comments!