While large parts of the western world thinks of white weddins’ as a tradition, the rest of the globe has different, more colorful customs.

Scroll through these 10 gorgeous examples to see what wedding couples wear when white gowns and black tuxes aren’t in the picture.

1. India

India is not just one culture. It’s a mix of color and materials with customs as varied as its cities, villages and neighborhoods.


2. Ghana

Many couples wear matching kente–a hand-woven cloth–ceremonial clothing.


3. Indonesia

It’s a tradition for some in Indonesia to wear opulent jewels and clothing to look like kings and queens for their weddings.


4. Estonia

Some brides get to wear colorful head-wreaths to match their folk dresses.

5. Scotland

It’s a custom for some that grooms to wear kilts for their formal wedding attire.


6. Norway

Some brides prefer to wear folk dresses instead of a modern white bride gown.


7. Mongolia

In traditional weddings, bridal couples wear clothes called deel. 


8. Poland

A special cap for the bride gets its own ceremony called oczepiny, in a central Poland town called Łowicz.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

9. China

Red is a traditional color for weddings as it symbolizes luck, love and prosperity.

Photo Credit: Flickr

10. Sri Lanka

Brides wear saris and Nalapata headpieces, while grooms wear 4-cornered hats, velvet jackets, and a mul anduma, a long, white cloth wrapped around the waist. Seriously beautiful.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

It’s fascinating to see other country’s wedding fashion customs, isn’t it?

They may be completely different and even unexpected, but when it comes to the ultimate celebration of love, we can all say, “cheers!”