I know how I like my tweets

I like ’em sharp, I like ’em funny, and I like ’em to be about dogs and cats.

Is that too much to ask for in this crazy world?

Oh good, we’re on the same page!

Now go ahead and enjoy these funny tweets about our furry friends.

1. This is for me!

No need to get upset…

2. You can’t explain that to her.

She’ll get used to it…

3. Pretty much.

This makes sense to me.

4. Thank you!

Always thinking of you.

5. Now I’m confused.

What’s going on here?

6. We all do this.

Some of us more than others…

7. Fell for this one before.

Not gonna happen again!

8. Do they even like us?

I’m not sure yet…

9. How many pics did you take?

Be honest with us!

10. Fist bump!

I love it!

11. Don’t see that every day.

And just like that, she disappeared.

Now it’s your turn!

Share some pics of your pets with us in the comments.

We can’t wait!