The decade is ending and some people have begun sharing their accomplishments on social media. This went on okay as some people proudly named the things they’ve done over the past 10 years.

This began when a Twitter user sent out a prompt that quickly went viral.

“there’s only ONE MONTH left in the decade. what have you accomplished?”

Some people achieved great things, such as degrees or better physical or mental health. Others shared stories about starting a family or adopting a pet.

Some really great accomplishments!

And some did an insane amount of stuff!

Some people even shared their awesome artistic progress.

But it is social media, and things didn’t stay wholesome for long. Some people began criticizing the prompt because it could make others compare themselves to their peers.

Others on social media felt it would be a ploy for some people to gain more followers.

And they’re not wrong!

But some folks actually defended the prompt and those who took it seriously.

Photo Credit: Twitter

Because it’s the internet? What else are we here for!?!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Others took a compassionate approach at the prompt.

Well! Whether or not you participate, it’s just a Twitter prompt.

2020 will be here soon, and the new decade is an opportunity to keep thriving, or laying low.

Feel free to share your plans or goals for then with us in the comments section!