Twitter is known for giving us the tools to make things go viral. One user came up with a game that not only gained traction, it even got the attention of celebrities who might be affected by!

@BeerBottleBlond took it upon herself to ask fellow users to play a game. The rules were simple, users had to choose a film, keep one actor, and assume other characters would be replaced with Muppets.

There were some innovative casting choices for some film classics. Let’s take a look at some standout proposals!

9. Die Hard

It’d be interesting to see a muppet play the part of Bruce Willis’ John McClaine, right? This Twitter user seems to think so!

8. The Matrix

One responder came up with a good reason why Keanu Reeves should be replaced in The Matrix. 

7. Mission Impossible

One responder dissed Tom Cruise just a bit. Be he shared his perspective on why the Mission Impossible franchise needs a slight change.

6.  Clue

Well, let’s hope Tim Curry doesn’t mind this.

5. Grosse Point Blank

Alas, this Twitter game got a response from John Cusack, who actually said he’d like to play a muppet.

4. New Jack City

Even accomplished musician Questlove got in on the action!

3. Rocky IV

This is a creative proposal for a new type of Rocky IV.

2. The Force Awakens

Recent films were no match for the challenge!

1. Groundhog Day

It would be pretty cool to watch Bill Murray react to Muppets in some of the Groundhog Day scenes.

Well, @BeerBottleBlond began an adorable conversation just for fun. Not only did she accomplish her goal, but some famous people gave valid input.

Is there a movie you’d suggest for this game? Who would play the Muppet or get to stay? We can’t wait to sift through your answers in the comments!