Social media has the power to unite just as much as it has the power to divide. But in this case, we can all give a tip of the cap to Twitter for reuniting one unique couple.

Twitter user @Jxck_C, whose real name is Jack Callow, shared pictures from a rather fancy wedding ceremony he participated in as a kid. Wherever he went to nursery school really went all out on the decorations, right down to the flower centerpieces.


His post of course referred to his “wife” who he married 16 years ago. And thanks to Twitter, Jack finally got a chance to see the girl he tied the knot with as a kid.

While many users took advantage of the opportunity to crack a few jokes, Jack’s desperate attempt to find the unidentified girl in the pictures eventually paid off, with a little help from his internet friends.

In fact, the bride herself responded the next day!

Incredibly, the bride, whose real name is Rena, has managed to do quite OK without her long lost husband. The 21-year-old is a student in the United Kingdom.

She apparently had not seen the photos before. So the viral post certainly made her raise her eyebrows before responding.

“All my friends and family thought the pictures were really cute and thought it was funny how they went viral.

My mum actually saw the pictures on an Instagram meme account before I told her, and she phoned me like, What’s going on?

As for her groom, Jack? The 21-year-old is a law student at Nottingham Trent University.

Photo Media: Twitter

Ultimately, the two may have gone their separate ways, but thanks to the power of Twitter, husband and wife finally got a chance to reconnect, even though Twitter had its opinions…

Just don’t get your hopes up for a real wedding.

“Your mum” gets the final word… and we couldn’t agree more!

Photo Credit: Someecards

Have you ever been reunited with a long-lost childhood friend? How did you get in touch and what was the reunion like? Tell us your story in the comments below!