When you make the decision to get married, there’s a lot to consider—or at least there should be.

One Twitter user under the account handle @cxkenobxkerry, offers her twenty musts for discussion before getting hitched, so you can avoid problems down the road.

Have you considered these?

1. Remember your finances.

2. Are you both in it for the long haul?

3. What about kids?

4. If you have medical issues, now is the time to reveal them.

5. Make sure you want the same things at about the same time.

6. Spirituality is important, too.

7. If you’ve got emotional issues, now is the time to deal with them.

8. Act with your instinct in mind.

9. We don’t think clothing matters that much, but it can’t hurt to address.

10. It may be uncomfortable, but discuss it anyway.

11. How will you both handle future issues?

12. Age ain’t nothing but a number.

13. Lay down some ground rules.

14. What is your stance on privacy?

15. Savings and spending—talk about them.

16. What are your relationship deal breakers?

17. Define abuse to your partner.

18. Death need not be a taboo topic.

19. Change your mindset.

20. Don’t focus on the superficial stuff.

Her list went viral, as people mostly agreed with what she had to say, but some said they didn’t like the last statement she made—those things were important too.

But to most commentors, everything was common sense.

Someone also added that a significant others’ familial relationships were important. (They are!)

Finally, at least one reader asked for help.

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