Guess what folks? This pandemic isn’t behind us just yet…

But that gives us the excuse to focus on other stuff while we stay inside!

We can exercise, read, write, and COOK.

And people who are staying in their houses are coming up with some pretty interesting dishes right now.

Some of these radical recipes you might want to try.

Others…well, that’s up to you…

Let’s take a look and see what’s cooking!

1. A lot of love went into this one.

You almost hate to see this one get eaten.

Tweaked bunny
byu/AweshumSauce inshittyfoodporn

2. On white bread, no less.

What do you think of this one?

Lasagna Sandwich
byu/_Pigdog inshittyfoodporn

3. Kids do enjoy colorful food!

It’s always a hit!

Blue pasta for the kiddos that are bored with the regular pasta… It was a hit
byu/cofxtc inshittyfoodporn

4. This is absolutely incredible.

Congrats on this monstrosity!

Quarantine binge watching the Simpson led me to this monstrosity. The Homer Simpson Burger!
byu/FrostyFreezy inFoodPorn

5. Cheese FOR DAYS.

Is there such a thing as too much cheese?

I present to you, quarantine cooking at it’s finest: ultimate cheese pizza (cheese pizza with mac n cheese and grilled cheese)
byu/giraff-able inshittyfoodporn

6. I love this!

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t dig into that.

I’ve been spending a little extra time on dinner lately
byu/SoulcrateSucka inshittyfoodporn

7. That’s a good idea!

You should think about selling these babies…

No buns? Crunchwrap Supreme Burger.
byu/b3nchvis3 inshittyfoodporn

8. How’d that work out for you?

I can’t say I’ve ever seen this before…

Ran out of milk
byu/somucht inshittyfoodporn

9. Dorito breadcrumbs for the win!

You must ADAPT…and you did a great job.

I ran out of breadcrumbs so I had to make do…🤜🔺️🔺️
byu/AllMightyLlama inshittyfoodporn

10. A little food art that you can also devour.

Getting pretty artsy in the kitchen.

Quarantine, day #21 : Air fryed potato chair
byu/idkwtftdwml inShittyVeganFoodPorn

11. Very creative!

You may have a future as a food stylist.

This is how we celebrated the last fresh pear and 1/4 red pepper in our quarantine food supply.
byu/allbright1111 inpics

12. All kinds of junk! The good stuff!

Use all the scraps and make it work.

Quarantine Charcuterie made with fridge and cupboard scraps
byu/SaraXAnnee inshittyfoodporn

13. I’m sure it was very tasty.

Pork-o my Eggo…or something.

Had no bread so pulled pork on Eggos
byu/Puzzled-Juggernaut inshittyfoodporn

14. That’s really cool!

And yes, she is a genius.

Dinosaur chicken nugget parmesean courtesy of my genius girlfriend
byu/dangatanggg inshittyfoodporn

Some of those look pretty…interesting…right?

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us about some concoctions you’ve been coming up with in the kitchen.

We want to get some more good ideas!

Please and thank you!