You want ’em? You REALLY want ’em?

I’m talking about solid animal tweets that will put a big smile on your face and make your day a whole lot better!

And what else can you really ask for in life? Of course, we all wish we were filthy rich and living on a beach somewhere, BUT since that isn’t exactly working out, we’re gonna have to settle for great animal tweets.

So let’s get it done!

1. Look at that pooch grow!

Getting bigger by the day!

2. What exactly is going on up on the roof?

I hope that’s a strong window.

3. Blowing in the wind.

This is called “living your best life.”

4. This is a beautiful video.

Just more proof about how much joy animals bring into our lives.


5. “Not a cat person.”

Well, how did that work out…?

6. Oh, Mocha!

This is definitely a certified floof.

7. I like the way this kid thinks.

Very, very smart…

8. Focus on me, Pauline.

Ignore the dog, Pauline.


9. I’m gonna need more information about this.

Because it sounds very, very interesting…


10. We need to talk about this right NOW?

In the middle of the night?


11. Weren’t expecting that, were you?

Are you freakin’ out???


12. Bailey, no! Bad dog!

You can’t really blame the dog though, can you?

13. This is the content you’ve been looking for.

And don’t try to deny it!

How about you?

Do you have any furry friends in your household?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

We’d love to meet your pets!