People tend to go one way or another about their feelings for Chrissy Teigen, but there’s no denying that she has a lot of influence over folks out there.

And here’s a story about a big celebrity using their power and influence for good. A whole lot of good, in fact.

As if teachers in this country aren’t already going through enough grief and anxiety with the pandemic, it’s an unfortunate reality that a lot of them in the U.S. deal with a severe shortage of school supplies for themselves and their students.

So Teigen took it upon herself to reach out to teachers at the beginning of this school year in August to help them out with having the proper supplies. Now, that is impressive!

She has a whopping 13.5 MILLION followers on Twitter and she received over 5,000 replies.

Teigen later updated and told her followers how much progress she had made.

Her followers also chipped in to help out teachers and Teigen later said on Twitter, “Will do more this week and would love to focus on struggling districts and special needs. Please keep posting in this thread!”

Here’s an example of a teacher who responded to Teigen’s offer.

And this tweet pretty much sums up how people felt about the whole story and Chrissy Teigen’s generosity.

Hey, more of this, please! Especially whenever teacher’s need supplies. We should all pitch in and help like this!

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