Humans aren’t the only creatures affected by California’s recent uptick in wildfires. Animals are also endangered by the flames, and sometimes, they have to be their own heroes. A horse near Simi Valley, California was caught racing back into the fire to rescue other horses.

The Easy Fire burned in an area full of ranches, home to horses and other livestock. A news crew was working to save horses on properties threatened by the fire when they saw one horse who’d already been rescued, running straight back into the burning area. There were other horses in there, who seemingly still needed to be led to safety.

The video shows the horse running into an area covered by smoke, meeting up with two more horses, and then running back. One of the two horses appears to be a foal.

The Easy Fire burned over 1800 acres and caused 26,000 residents to evacuate. There were no fatal injuries from the fire.

Thankfully, all of the horses made it out safely, with the help of each other — and their human rescuers.

The touching video made its way to Twitter and went viral. An equine veterinarian chimed in to explain that the horse’s behavior was likely due to herd instinct.

“Horses seek their herd mates when frightened. This is why a lone horse will run back into a burning barn. Only the most alpha stallion or mare will take point when in danger. Horses live by the code: stronger together,” Betsy Connolly explained.

The video provided a dose of heartwarming inspiration in the midst of the devastating fires.

Animals really do care for each other, no matter what others would tell you. They deserve our compassion and understanding.