As I get older, I constantly say to myself…”why do people do the things they do?”

And when I say that, I don’t mean it as a good thing!

Some people are so awkward on social media that you can’t help but cringe and say a special prayer for them.

And here are some perfect examples of what I’m talking about.

Let’s take a look.

1. I’m glad they included this graphic with this important message.

Can anyone out there help them?

Celebrating your intestinal discomfort with cake!
by inoldpeoplefacebook

2. This is so hilarious.

I hope they left it up forever and ever.

Guy from my college submitted a private message as a status
byu/I_love_420 incringepics

3. This is Photoshop at its finest.

Just trying to stay afloat in this crazy world.


4. Hahahaha. This is great.

Have fun at that high school reunion!

The beginning of my high school reunion group. This is gonna be FUN!
byu/BeeblebroxingIt incringepics

5. Talk about a buzzkill.

I bet they’re a lot of fun at parties.

These GUSHY posts and i’m offended!
byu/DumbassJ incringepics

6. This didn’t go as planned.

Also, why the hell would someone do this?

This physically hurts
byu/MustNeedDogs incringepics

7. People sure are weird, don’t you think?

Time to restart my life! Again…

Not so yay
byu/Myfy incringepics

8. It’s time to make your move…

Do you think she went for it? I don’t…

Creeper from back in high school makes a move on Facebook
byu/MakeYourMarks incringepics

9. This is really classy, don’t you think?

She seems all broken up about it.

Tiktoker “Jayne Rivera” poses in front of her father’s body+casket for instagram likes
by inHolUp

10. This is so weird.

A little too much information, friend!

33 year old virgin
byu/soap94 incringepics

11. Hey, they’re just being honest.

I wonder if anyone took them up on this…


12. Just be nice to people!

It’s the right thing to do, folks!


What have you seen lately that really made you cringe?

Talk to us in the comments.

And make us laugh!

And share some photos and links with us!