Talk about a photobomb. Sometimes, even if you’re in the middle of your once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos, you have to let uninvited guests be part of the shoot.

That’s exactly what happened when newlyweds Morgan and Luke were interrupted by a deer that wanted to see what was going on with these two dressed-up people who happened upon its territory.


A photographer named Laurenda Bennett was snapping photos that day and she just ended up going with the flow, which is probably a good idea in her line of work.

Bennett explained, “The bride wanted photos over in a field on the same grounds as her ceremony and reception, so we headed that way after dinner for their golden hour photos. Well, it was very overcast that day and we didn’t have a true golden hour, but what happened instead trumped that pretty light we were hoping for.”

That’s when the deer wandered into the photoshoot and ended up being part of Morgan and Luke’s special day.

Bennett continued, “When we reached the field, we saw him. He was grazing behind a little white fence and as soon as we were in view, he walked right up to Morgan and Luke. He was very interested in Morgan’s bouquet and without any hesitation, walks right over the fence on a quest to consume her pretty florals. He was pulling roses out one by one. Morgan and Luke raised the bouquet a few times and he would jump up for it. I’m just in front of them snapping away, instinctively. Eventually, Morgan drops the bouquet, giving it up to the deer.”

Bouquet, anyone?

Here are some more touching photos with the deer.


What an unexpected surprise!

Have you ever had a situation like this where you were surprised during some key pictures? Let us know in the comments!