I’ve had great neighbors and ones that were not so great throughout the years.

And even if you think you have your ear to the street and you know the folks who live around you, but friends, you’re really missing out on your neighborhood drama if you haven’t installed the Nextdoor app on your phone.

And that’s why I’m such a big proponent of it!

It’s so enlightening to see the strange and hilarious things that our neighbors post, and we think you’ll get a big kick out of these. Let’s take a look and see what’s going down in the ‘hood.

1. This is very urgent.

Someone help! Please!

2. Let’s take a poll…

Seems like a really fun person.

3. Ouch. Sick burn.

But, you know you’re gonna get called out on Nextdoor.

4. Sliced bread in my pool.

It’s time to get to the bottom of this.

5. I wish there was video of this.

Can anyone out there help me with this?

6. Who the hell did this?

This is actually amazing.

7. You will be working on Thanksgiving.

Sounds like a deal!

8. You know what, I really am.

Who else is tired of this?

9. Thank you for chiming in.

I like this kid.

10. What could it be?

And how did it end up outside?

11. I’m right there with you.

Keep it down out there!

12. This is serious stuff.

Keep an eye on that cat.

Oh boy…you never really know what you’re gonna get with neighbors, do you?

Now we want to hear from you!

In the comments, tell us about your terrible and hilarious neighbor stories.

Please and thank you!