I’m gonna shoot straight from the hip right now: I’m in the mood for some big laughs.

It’s been a while and frankly, I think I deserve them.

Would you care to accompany me on this hilarious (and excellent) adventure?

I thought you’d be into it!

Let’s have some fun with some hilarious tweets!

1. I bet that felt pretty good!

Treat yourself like a princess! Or a prince…

2. I have neighbors like this.

Listen, I’m sure they’re lovely people…

3. These are words to live by, friends.

Just go easy on the sauce, okay?

4. You sound like you are a high roller!

Tell us all of your secrets!

5. I like what you did here.

And I don’t think I’m the only one.


6. I’ve heard it’s actually pretty good for you.

Gives you energy…or something like that.

7. You’re not alone, my friend.

Also, this is nothing to be ashamed of.

8. I’m surprised they haven’t figured this out yet.

What’s the deal with this? Come on, people!

9. Hello! I’m over here waiting!

Check in on your oven once in a while. It’s feeling neglected.

10. You don’t know who Grimace is?!?!

I thought this was a prerequisite of all employees.


11. Are you sure you can’t fit a few more pillows on there?

There’s always room for more…

12. You feel like you’re onstage or something.

Not feeling too comfortable in the spotlight?

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us about some of your favorite tweets.

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