It’s never too late to start anything.

That goes for health, careers, hobbies, relationships, all of it!

So you might as well get started on it today, right?

What can people start doing now that will help them out in five years?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Brush ’em!

“Brushing your teeth twice a day.

I’m sitting outside of a walk in clinic now waiting to get antibiotics for an abscess tooth because the pain has become unbearable.

My right eye keeps leaking from the pressure and I’ve taken so much pain medication that my stomach hurts. I can’t stand this pain much longer and I’ve been sitting here for 2 and a half hours.”

2. Figure it out.

“Figuring out what you like:

Jobs/volunteering you enjoy.

Exercise you enjoy.

Healthy food you enjoy.

Meditation/stretching/spiritual practices you enjoy.

People you’re excited be around who don’t judge you.

There’s lots of adults out there doing activities under the guise of happiness who’ve never devoted time to self-discovery.”

3. Make it your priority.

“Prioritize your health.

Start nourishing your body with good foods, incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, eat foods rich in nutrients and packed with health benefits.

Of course, it’s still fine to occasionally have junk food etc but getting a good balance is really important.”

4. A little goes a long way.

“Save a bit of money every month, doesn’t have to be much.

It will surely help in 5 years.”

5. Just do it.

“Stop s**king.

The first few days suck. Drink a bunch of water.

But after about a week, you start feeling so much better.”

6. Stretch it out.

“Start doing yoga/stretching now, you might feel stiff as a plank, but a little bit every week or so will increase your range of motion over time.

Don’t think you have to book into a $30 1hr class – there’s a lot of short little practices on YouTube (Yoga with Adrienne is great).

Keep your back strong and healthy, breathe deep, check in with your body. You don’t have to buy into all the woo, it’s just movement.

I started from scratch bout five years ago and I don’t take it very seriously at all, but now I can do the splits and I don’t slouch anymore.”

7. A big one.

“Just do what makes you happy and don’t care what people think.

You’ll find that it takes a lot less then 5 years to see change.”

8. Get moving.


It’s usually awful when you first start. You have to stick with it and keep it up to make it better. It will get easier and more enjoyable the more consistently you do it.

I h**ed running when I first started. I’ve now done about 15 half marathons and 1 marathon and I love running. I also still have bad runs; I just make sure to try again and not give up.”

9. It’s good for your brain.

“Learn at least one language.

Its very useful to me.”

10. Less stress.

“Reduce stress and focus on the simple things in life that bring happiness.

Trust me.”

11. Credit.

“Building your credit.

Fill up your gas then pay it off. Don’t buy junk with it.

Helps with loans and stuff.

Also when you apply for a place to live.”

12. Understand yourself.

“Understand yourself, your body, your condition, and learn how to take care of yourself as much as you can. Example:

Learn how to cook a healthy yet delicious food

Learn how to cook in an unlikely condition. Eg: in rush, ingredients substitute

Learn food prep

Learn managing groceries from purchasing, storage, to recycle

Learn how to cut your own hair

Learn laundry management

Learn how to take care of your house

Etcetera. In 5 years you’ll thank yourself for learning all of these.

What do you think people should start doing now that will benefit them in five years?

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Thanks in advance!