The #metoo movement has been in full swing for the past few years and, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that some people who were doing really bad things for a really long time were finally outed.

And that’s a good thing!

But falls from grace in Hollywood are as old as the motion picture industry itself.

What celebrity suffered the worst fall from grace?

People on AskReddit sounded off.

1. Messed up.

“Brendan Fraser was ra**d and when he came forward, his career was destroyed.

So glad they got him for Doom Patrol, he really is such a great entertainer.”

2. Football legend.

“Joe Paterno. One of the best coaches in college football history. Squeaky clean image.

Helped cover up the Penn State p**ophilia scandal, where one of his coaches systematically groomed kids to fiddle and r**e. Awful.”

3. Huge fall from grace.

“Bill Cosby.

All the other people mentioned in these comments are terrible but most of them aren’t in jail right now.

He went from America’s grandpa to synonymous with r**e. Most people are still uncomfortable even talking about it.”

4. That was a bad one.

“Michael Richards, totally his own fault.

To watch an otherwise good career get completely nuked in 3 mins was painful to see.”

5. Wow.

“Max Wright – the father from the show Alf.

He went from being a successful guy with a popular show, to smoking cr**k and doing homemade s** tapes with homeless men and eventually dying from his addiction.”

6. Pretty crazy.

“Bill Cosby is in jail.

I think fame-to-jail is a pretty big fall from grace, with Cosby the clear winner for falling the furthest.

It’s one thing to lose your game. It’s another thing entirely to lose your freedom.”

7. Early 1990s.

“Milli Vanilli.

Like everybody else, I gave them a lot of c**p at the time.

But I think a lot of people would’ve jumped at the chance they were given.

And they almost seemed relieved once the jig was up.

I think it’s a little unfair that all the rage fell on them and the people who thought up the scheme didn’t catch more flak.

About the only good thing that came out of it was MTV Unplugged.”

8. Don’t hear from him much.

“Lance Armstrong.

He had everything from gold medals and awards to multimillion dollar endorsement deals with major companies only to lose it all because he was using steroids the entire time.

He was looked upon as a role model and had a huge fan base around the globe, now you hear nothing about him.”

9. Wild story.

“Phil Spector.

Went from producing some of the world’s most iconic music with his Wall of Sound, to sitting in prison for a m**der conviction.”

10. The SNL incident.

“Sinead O’Connor.

She had a point, but she never recovered her status again after breaking Pope’s picture.”

11. Not graceful.

“Tiger Woods.

Maybe not the worst, but definitely not a graceful fall.”

12. Not in good shape.

“Bam Margera.

Watched his drunk rants, you can still find them on Youtube.

This guy will drink himself to death.”

13. Rock n’ roll!

“Been a while, but Jerry Lee Lewis.

Hottest s**t in early Rock ‘n Roll. Messed it up by (completely legally) marrying his cousin Myra Gale Brown.

Tiny little problem: She was 13 at the time.

Didn’t go down well even in the 1950s.”

14. Legacy down the toilet.

“R. Kelly.

I obviously don’t need to explain why, but it’s really unbelievable how influential he was (and low key still is) to R&B music.

Like he may just be the most important singer of that entire genre within the last 40 years, and yet everything he’s done has all but erased his once untouchable legacy.”

15. Anna Nicole Smith.

“Anna Nicole Smith. Poor girl was ruined from becoming famous.

And honestly her entire career run was mainly people who would profit off her being either really messed up on pills/alcohol. the documentary said pretty much all her medications were things like sleeping pills, a lot of different benzos mainly xanax. Pain pills for back pain bc her b**b implants were so massive.

I can’t remember all the other medications her “friends” and management team allowed her to abuse but I’m pretty sure she would abuse most pain pills she would get from cosmetic procedures.

Her implant actually exploded in her boob when she had those massive implants and I’m pretty sure she was put on methadone after that happened for the pain. Overall just a sad how people that knew her let it continue and especially her reality show…..”

What celebrity do you think suffered the worst fall from grace?

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