People usually love facts, whether they’re weird or funny, interesting, or even a little bit gross.

There aren’t that many, in my experience, that horrify people to the point where they wish they weren’t true at all – but I can definitely see how these facts definitely fit into that category.

1. There’s nothing more disturbing as a parent.

Thousands of children are s**ually a**sed every day by adults they are supposed to be able to trust.

2. I’m not sure this is scary…

The actual scientific cure for hiccups is anal massaging…and it works.

3. You just never know.

You might feel like the healthiest person in the world and yet still randomly d** in your sleep. Sudden arrhythmic d**th syndrome is just one example. There are tons of small obstructions and irregularities that your heart could be suffering from that go completely unnoticed by you, your friends, and your doctors.

You might be at an increased risk of just passing on when you go to bed tonight, and no one would even suspect as much until you actually d**d.

4. Where do they all go?

Every single year, there are thousands of people in the US alone who disappear.

Most of them show up again; usually the next day but sometimes a few days, a few weeks or even a few months later.

However, out of these thousands of people, there are roughly 150 people – every single year – who disappear and… simply never appear again. Nobody knows what has happened to those people. They might be d**d, they might not be, we simply don’t know.

5. The harsh truth.

Every time unemployment goes up 1%, 40,000 people d**. From “The Big Short.”

Well yeah, it’s bad enough losing your job but it’s infinitely worse when you’ve got a chronic condition and your health insurance is suddenly gone.

6. His poor mother.

Dylan Klebold, one of the k**lers of the Columbine massacre, attended the school’s prom three nights before the shooting. When he got home he was talking to his mom and showed her the flask he’d brought to prom, explaining that they’d only drank a little bit. He told her “I just wanted you to know you can trust me.”

It’s so chilling that he could say that and less than 72 hours later participate in the k**ling of 13 other people and himself.

7. I’m sorry, what?

A lone pilot was flying in Australia in 1978.

He reported to air traffic control that he was accompanied by an aircraft above him.

When asked to identify the aircraft, he replied “It isn’t an aircraft”.

His plane disappeared, and was never to be found again.

8. Swoon!

In just 1 kiss, over 80 million bacteria are exchanged

9. Is that all?

The average American consumes over 150 pounds of sugar every year.

10. I actually love this.

The Amazon Forest has a huge gap of virgin forest between Brazil and other countries, places kilometers away from the nearest cities.

The Brazilian institute for native Indians (FUNAI) has got agents overlooking tribes and they take flights over the forest and always end up spotting huts, fire pits and bow-and-arrow armed men. There are plenty of unknown tribes hiding somewhere that huge forest. People never contacted by “civilization”.

The fun fact is even the Institute agents have no idea of number, types and tribes there inside. Can’t track down, account, or detect their genealogy.

Amazon forest is a complex and humid place, you can hide a family of elephants there inside and you won’t see it from the sky.

11. Eat your fruit.

When you have scurvy, all your old scars and wounds open up, due to the vitamin needed to maintain scar tissue. So for me for example, I had my jaw dislocated and my gums cut open from check to check to remove wisdom teeth.

If I got scurvy I would bleed uncontrollably from the inside of my mouth out.

What would be your most horrifying scar?

12. Definitely horrible.

The chances of any of the super powerful people that used Jeffrey Epstein’s Island as a place to f*ck underage girls actually being punished for what they did is almost zero.

Clearly, these people are never going to face any kind of legal punishment, so I’d really appreciate if some kind of superhero a**assin would just do us all a favor and take care of it.

Obviously, that’ll never happen, but a girl can dream.

13. It’s all very efficient.

Within three days of d**th, the enzymes from your digestive system begin to digest your body.

14. So glad I’m not that guy.

Khaled El-Masri is a German and Lebanese citizen who was mistakenly abducted by the Macedonian police in 2003, and handed over to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

While in CIA custody, he was flown to Afghanistan, where he was held at a black site and routinely interrogated, beaten, strip-searched, sodomized, and subjected to other cruel forms of inhumane and degrading treatment and torture.

After El-Masri held hunger strikes, and was detained for four months in the “Salt Pit”, the CIA finally admitted his arrest and torture were a mistake and released him. He is believed to be among an estimated 3,000 detainees whom the CIA abducted from 2001–2005.

In May 2004, the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Daniel R. Coats, convinced the German interior minister, Otto Schily, not to press charges or to reveal the program.

El-Masri filed suit against the CIA for his arrest, extraordinary rendition and torture. In 2006, his suit El Masri v. Tenet, in which he was represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), was dismissed by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, based on the U.S. government’s claiming the state secrets privilege. The ACLU said the Bush administration attempted to shield its a**ses by invoking this privilege. The case was also dismissed by the Appeals Court for the Fourth Circuit, and in December 2007, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the case.

On 13 December 2012, El-Masri won an Article 34 case at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The court determined he had been tortured while held by CIA agents and ruled that Macedonia was responsible for abusing him while in the country, and knowingly transferring him to the CIA when torture was a possibility.

It awarded him compensation. Which was f**k all.
This marked the first time that CIA activities against detainees was legally declared as torture.
The European Court condemned nations for collaborating with the United States in these secret programs.

15. That will keep you up at night.

Antibiotic resistance.

In 2010 I got a MRSA infection. Spent 6 weeks in and out of hospital ending in organ failure and sepsis- nearly d**d. 2 months later I was back in again. 2 months after that I was back again.

On my 3rd admittance they had run out of antibiotics to give me. The doctors researched for hours to find something they could try. Dug up an old antibiotic with terrible side effects and tried it… it didn’t work. Luckily one of the ones I had previously tried and had a bad reaction to (during sepsis, so probably not the medication)- they tried again and it worked.

But being d**thly ill while the doctors have no idea what to give you is a scary place to be!

16. That’s reassuring.

in the NT (Australia) I remember seeing a government warning that crocodiles inhabit the area.

Among the few bullet points of advice on the sign, the last one read “If they see you, it is already too late”

17. I don’t want that to exist.

There is a parasite that will eat your brain. It’s called Naegleria fowleri and it lives in warm water lakes in the sand and silt in the shallows. It will swim up your nose and proceed to eat your neurons and your brain.

Usually symptoms occur around 4 hours after infection and include headache, sensitivity to light and nausea. If you experience any of these after swimming in a lake you need to go to the hospital ASAP. If undiagnosed, you’ll be d**d within 24 hours.

To diagnose it, you’ll have to get a spinal tap and pray the tech working knows what to look for.

18. Stop it.

Snails have thousands of teeth.

And apparently there’s one who can grow their body back after decapitation.

19. You could have it right now.

You could have mad cow disease for 12 to 50 years before symptoms start showing.

20. That is a LONG time.

In 2009 a paralyzed Belgian awoke from a 23-YEARS-LONG coma, and it was discovered he was fully conscious and could hear everything around him the entire time.

Like.. What. The. Actual. F!?!?

Just imagine lying there not being able to move for two decades but also being aware of your surroundings.

That’s all kinds of messed up nightmare fuel right there.

21. Something is coming for us.

Long-dormant bacteria and viruses, trapped in ice and permafrost for centuries, are reviving as Earth’s climate warms

Gamma-ray bursts can k**l all life on earth without any warning

Asteroids can mess earth up

22. Should we thank them? Or?

When you get a sunburn, your cells are dying to avoid becoming cancerous.

23. I have no words.

Some monks used to endure an intense spiritual practice.

They eliminated all their body fat through diet and exercise, ate wood lacquer tea to k**l off internal bacteria, then sealed themselves in a tomb holding a string attached to a bell.

A year after the bell stopped ringing, the tomb was opened and if the monk’s body was found to be uncorrupted they were revered as a saint; if not, they were re-buried.

The process took years and as they continued the monks required more and more help from their brothers until they entered the tomb. And the whole time you’d hear bells ringing from the nearby tombs as the monks inside slowly wound down the last days of their lives, voluntarily poisoned, starved, and buried alive for a chance at sainthood.

24. Gotta be one of the worst ways to go.

Fatal insomnia.

I learned it from this other post I hope I get to sleep tonight!

25. I want to be surprised, but…

There is more actual lemon juice in lemon-scented Pledge spray than there is in Country Time Lemonade.

26. This never fails to freak me out.

Over 150 d**d bodies of climbers are still on Mount Everest.

27. Don’t like that.

The youngest person confirmed to be pregnant was only 5 years old.

She had a C-section and she and the baby survived. There’s a disturbing number of young girls that have gotten pregnant.

And obviously they didn’t get that way by choice. It f*cks with my head.

28. That’s just depressing.

There are more Panda Express locations in the world than actual panda bears.

29. And that’s probably low for some other places in the world.

60 percent of m**ders are unsolved here in Pakistan. We simply dont have the technology and training of the police officers in the west.

30. Crime novelists everywhere, take note.

Pigs can dispose of a body with relative ease.

Actually, pigs will eat everything except the teeth, lobsters on the other hand will dispose of the whole body.

31. You just don’t realize.

An unbelievable number of people who d** of dehydration do so with a fair amount of fresh water in their possession.

Yep, knew somebody that d**d this way due to horrible headaches (caused by an undiagnosed brain tumor found during her autopsy) that were so painful she threw up to the point of severe dehydration and d**d in her apartment right next to the sink.

32. Why is it always Florida?

In Mississippi and some parts of Florida, there is a Bacteria in the water at the coast that will literally eat your flesh off of you. Florida is much safer than Mississippi though. At least, in that aspect.

There is a mosquito in Florida that, when it bites you, can make your brain swell inside your skull and can possibly k**l you.

33. Humans are monsters.

Elephants grieve like humans, and often visit the site of an elephant’s d**th. They’re also very emotionally intelligent, and our poaching of them is leading them to insanity.

The same applies with the k**ler whale.

34. Rabies is a waking nightmare.

If a person gets bitten by an animal who has rabies, he will continue to live on a normal life for 12 weeks, and after the symptoms develop, there is no way he’s making out alive.

You’ll know you’re gonna d**.

These are so much yikes, y’all.

What other facts would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!