We all have those things that we CLAIM we do…but we really don’t.

And today we’re going to get a healthy dose of people being put on blast by AskReddit users.

Check out what they had to say!

1. Gross.

“Respect others.

But when your back is turned, they say the worst thing ever about you in front of others.”

2. You don’t care.


People act like they care so deeply about everything and anything but they just want to look compassionate, thoughtful, smart, responsible, political etc.

When someone actually cares they take action.”

3. Are you doing your part?

“The ones bugging everyone to recycle generally don’t.

The School Strike for Climate Change kids are at univeristy now and they contaminate their recycling regularly with al**hol, vomit and broken glass.”

4. Amen!

“Christians that help the poor.

A large portion of Christians will donate 5 bucks to the collection plate on Sunday to “help the poor” but have that Republican attitude that all homeless people are lazy parasites during the week so that 5 bucks buys them the ability to feel like they are helping people while also allowing them to treat homeless people like a pile of dog s**t on the sidewalk.”

5. Disgusting.

“Brush their teeth.

Majority of men I work with smells like dumpster breath or dog s**t.”

6. LOL.

“Restart their computer.

I work in IT support. The amount of times I ask people to restart their device and they say they already have numerous times.

I then check our management tool which reveals a “last boot time” of 26 days ago. In 99% of cases fast-start is disabled.”

7. Liars!

“Put shopping carts back where they belong.

Even though everyone claims they’re on the right side of history, the evidence sits outside every single grocery store.”

8. True.

“Stand up for people that are mentally ill, disabled, handicapped, atypical, and under developed.

Sure, you’ll stand up for them when it makes you look good, but the moment they need something most people will bail.

I have bad days. Days I can’t get out of bed because I have given myself an anxiety attack because I begin to over thing and analyze everything. There’s a lot of things that scare me.

I work very hard to keep my triggers down because if it does get triggered I turn from okay into being a lot to deal with. People I loved have bailed on me. My mom bailed on me when I was in my early 20’s because my brother had passed and seeing me would keep triggering her mental disorders.

When you are upset that you can hear people chewing. When you get upset at people walking the wrong way. When you get upset in general, people bail.

If I have to tell one more person to fuck off because “I don’t know what it’s like to have mental illness” because I have been raw dogging this for 20 years now.”

9. Haha.


Specifically on their dating profiles.”

10. Really?


So many people tell me they hardly eat any calories, but they are very obese.

Try counting those calories, buddy.”

11. I’ll pray for you.

“Pray for people.

I take it seriously and too many people use it as a conversation ender for uncomfortable conversations.”

12. Yup.

“Any bold and courageous positive thing you’ve done for something or someone or for a cause.

Look, real heroes don’t boast or flaunt. They quietly do their duties without the need to signal their virtue. I respect the ones that don’t even want a news broadcaster to put a microphone up to their face to tell their story. Some people just want to do good for the sake of good and benefit of community.

Which is why I do not believe nearly everything about how some user portrays themselves as someone like Batman or some other character who’s out to do good.”

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