Looks can be deceiving…

And definitely true for high-profile people in the spotlight who everyone seems to adore…

Because sometimes they’ve actually done a lot of bad things.

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1. Monster.

“Jimmy Savile.

He was worshipped during his lifetime, but only after his passing did people begin to realize what a monster he was.

Absolutely horrifying.”

2. D**khead.

“Steve Jobs. Total d**khead.

All the stuff that’s wrong with Musk, Steve Jobs had the same problems including a sycophantic cult who would screech in fury any time somebody criticized either him or Apple.

He’d take credit for Wozniak’s work, make terrible business decisions motivated entirely by emotion and pettiness, and he treated family members like dog s**t.”

3. Calling her out.

“Barbara Walters.

Whenever she interviewed someone calling out a famous rapist or pe**phile, she say things like, “You’re damaging an entire industry” protecting rapists and pedophiles when they’re powerful.

She did it to Corey Feldman and the first women who started calling out Harvey Weinstein. She only started criticizing Weinstein when it became clear he was facing criminal charges for being a serial r**ist.”

4. Actions star.

“Jackie Chan. He has always been the lovable, goofy looking martial artist who does his own stunts and is beloved.

Here are some of the other things he has done:

-Ostracized his daughter for being a l**bian and cut her off

-Cheated on his wife many, many times

-Beat his kid

-Tax evasion

-Said Hong Kongers have too much freedom, wanted the book thrown at protesters

-Backs the communist party of China at any opportunity (possibly sucking up to avoid getting in trouble for the aforementioned tax evasion).”

5. Say it ain’t so.

“Mother Teresa crafted her entire persona around caring for the sick and poor.

Established a bunch of clinics and kitchens for the poor, but gave little actual care. Sanitation was abysmal and there were very few trained medical professionals caring for the sick.

These untrained volunteers would reuse syringes and needles on patients at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.”

6. Crazy story.

“Dorothea Puente.

She was known as a generous philanthropist in her neighborhood. Everyone who knew her admired her for her charitable work. Her catchphrase? “Call me Grandma.” Who could doubt the bespectacled old lady who could bake, knit, and take care of kittens?

But no one knew what really took place in the little boarding house that she had in Sacramento, California. In the 1980s, Dorothea Puente would take in the vulnerable and the homeless into her boarding house. At first, she would treat them very well, providing her tenants with food and comfort. Soon after, the little boarding house became a stuff made of nightmares.

When Alvaro “Bert” Montoya went missing in 1988, Judy, his outreach counsellor, tried finding him. Prior to this event, Judy had placed Bert in Dorothea Puente’s care. At first, Bert expressed his comfort and satisfaction in Dorothea’s home. Soon after, Judy was unable to contact Bert.

When questioned, Dorothea would explain that he left with his brother for a holiday down in Mexico. This alarmed Judy, as Bert didn’t speak to his family for years. Bert was also suffering from schizophrenia and was developmentally delayed.

Then, a tenant named John Sharp from Dorothea’s home told Judy that something was wrong, that Dorothea was digging holes in the backyard.

Later, the police were involved. At first, they never doubted Dorothea Puente, the sweet old lady who provided care for the needy. But with permission and pressure from social services, the police dug Dorothea’s backyard, only to discover the horrors. At first, they thought that they had dug up leather pieces that looked like beef jerky, but they soon turned out to be flesh.

In total, Dorothea m**dered 9 victims, 3 of whom she was convicted of. It turns out, Dorothea’s past was not so squeaky clean as the image that she was portraying. She was convicted of forgery, m**der, ran a brothel, and was charged and convicted of illegally cashing 34 state and federal checks that belonged to her tenants.

With the money she stole from the vulnerable population, she donated them to charity and became known as a philanthropist grandmother of the neighborhood.

It was a perfect cover up to her almost perfect crimes. Dorothea Puente proved that you just never know what is behind the facade of a saintly image, that demons can wear sheep’s clothes and parade around anyone’s neighborhoods by doing “good deeds”, and that fame and reputation isn’t always what’s real on the inside.

Anyone can seem good, until they aren’t.”

7. Gross.

“Ellen “Don’t look me in the eyes” DeGeneres.

Or talk to her. Or expect her to back the f**k off when someone asks her to.

Or tell her to can the producer(s) s**ually a**aulting/harassing lower level employees.”

8. Went off the rails.

“Jim Jones. In hindsight, he is now recognized as a villain. But he was genuinely praised by everyone when he was at his highest.

Him and his wife were the first white couple to adopt a black child in Indiana. He preached racial tolerance.

For the anti-caps, he promoted communism. He opened the first church to openly invite blacks and whites, or at least one of the first churches.”

9. Wow.

“Dr Seuss cheated on his wife for 13 years I think with his mistress while his wife had cancer, and after his wife d**d he married his mistress.”

10. Ugh.

“Bill Wyman – bassist of the Rolling Stones .

Met a 13 year old girl in a club and with the ‘approval’ of her parents had s** with her when she was 14.

At the time he was 48 years old.”

11. Horrible.

“Gerard Depardieu admitted to taking part in literal gang ra**s when he was a teenager.

He doubled down and said that his victims deserved it, and said that “there’s so such thing as r**e.””

12. Overrated?

“Thomas Edison has to be the most overrated “great American inventor/entrepreneur” ever featured as an exemplar for schoolchildren.

His commercial success was mainly from patent theft & labor exploitation, not innovative genius.”

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