Let me ask you a question…

Do you think there are foods out there that people only pretend to like?

Maybe it’s because it’s all the rage at the moment or maybe people are just too afraid to speak out against a particular kind of food for some reason.

Whatever the case, it does seem like there’s a lot of this going around…or at least people think there is.

Let’s see what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. What?!?!

“Tonic water.

It’s like angry poison water.

Shy would anyone drink that on purpose?”

2. Hmmmm…


I spend quite some time in the Philippines and I never saw one person actively ENJOYING the food but eating it because cheap and easy to get.”

3. Come on, now…

“Grape Nuts.

If I wanted that texture and no flavor I would go outside and chew on gravel.”

4. Not a fan.


I’d like some salt paste please for $100 a scoop…”

5. Marmite.


There’s literally a series of adverts made by the company where the whole premise is ‘This sh*t tastes so terrible that even the slightest scraping will make you vomit.’

They’re not even pretending anymore. It’s not a food as much as it is an inter-office dare to see just what nasty bullsh*t they can convince people to eat.”

6. Keep it away from me.

“Anything rose or floral flavored.

I wanted a cake, not a cake that smells like flowers and taste like soap.”

7. I get it…but…

“Everybody gonna say oysters and even though I love oysters I get what they mean. They’re the texture of a thick loogey. They taste like saltwater and algae that’s marinated an old piece of discarded bubble gum.

But I love them! I love them so much! I love them with horseradish, lemon juice and hot sauces. They’re mostly just a vector for those flavors I guess. But I’d never really argue with a person who hates on them.

They’re objectively correct. I’ve just eaten so many things at this point, whacked off my taste buds so much, made them numb with fire and acid, that I’ve evolved to some twisted realm of flavor where culinary cenobites make me genuinely enjoy some clearly disgusting meal.”

8. Doesn’t sound great.

“The food my nephew makes.

It’s too salty and its always made out of Play-Doh.”

9. Local fare.

“Anything that’s classified as a “local delicacy”.

There’s usually a reason it’s remained local.

And yes, I am Scandinavian, how’d you guess?”

10. Nope.

“Some of the Jello salads out there. Green Jello with carrots (and sometimes raisins) is an abomination.

Also, whatever the hell my mom used to make with cottage cheese and orange jello.

My family had this weird notion that if you put healthy stuff in Jello that it was a side dish and not a dessert. Nope, you just ruined two foods by making unnatural combinations with them.

Mom never did come across a Jello recipe that she thought was a bad idea though.”

11. Never heard of it.


We eat this on Christmas on my dad’s side of the family and everyone hates how it tastes, but it’s an important part of our family history. His ancestors had to eat it to survive famine, and it’s a way of keeping the memory of their sacrifices alive and showing respect to them.

Having it with a table full of absolutely delightful cooking also serves as a reminder of what we do have, and makes us more aware of what we should be thankful for. We do drown it in mustard and cream sauce though.”

12. Eat up!


Seriously, it’s intestines sorta cleaned and cooked.

That’s it.”

13. Not normal.

“Gefilte fish.

I refuse to believe anyone under the age of 80 enjoys this food.

It’s not normal.”

14. Thoughts?

“I have the soap gene for cilantro, so I had my fiancé try a bit (raw) to tell me what it tasted like.

Does it really just taste like grass for people without my curse?”

15. Gross.

“Limburger cheese.

It smells and tastes like sweaty feet.”

16. Code for “not good.”

“Everything I eat at Rosh Hashanah.

Chopped liver, gefilte fish, kugel (noodles with cottage cheese and raisins).

Everything is described as an “acquired taste,” which is code for “not good.””

17. No thank you.

“Liver and pig’s feet.

I eat all types of food.

I eat sushi, caviar, oysters, beef heart, tongue, etc but those two foods in particular have a certain taste that just broadcasts what they are, and it isn’t positive.”

18. I’m being poisoned!

“Those bitter gross leafs in some salads.

Those are weeds, not food.

Healthy doesn’t mean it needs to taste like poison.”

19. Get that outta here!


You all pretend to like them because they’re cute but in reality they ruin whatever they are on.

Leave my cupcake alone with your glittery crunchy nasty bullsh*t.”

20. Like shoe leather.

“Well done steak.

It destroys the flavor and texture,.

You may as well just save yourself some money and buy chicken instead.”

21. Uh uh…

“Miracle Whip

To quote Kyle Kinane, “mayonnaise doesn’t go bad, it just becomes Miracle Whip. That extra tang in there, you know what that is? Patience.””

22. Not a fan.

“Fruit cake.

Do people actually eat that?

I feel like it work better as a doorstop.

23. Take that back!


It tastes like a syrup version of black licorice.

Ewww, god no.”

24. Not feeling it.

“Coconut Water.

If I wanted to drink taint sweat I would just collect my own.

25. Not for me!


Sure, I’d love a sandpaper salad!”

26. That’s one way to put it.

“Cottage cheese.

It’s the Devil’s yeast infection.”

27. I guess it is kind of gross…


It’s literally bitter, chewy, fibrous water.


28. Is it all a conspiracy?

“Candy Corn?

There is a conspiracy that in the 1880’s “Big Sugar” had found a way to sell their low grade sugar by mixing it with edible wax and selling it to children called “candy corn”

if someone “Likes” candy corn they are alien who is trying to “fit in” with humanity, cause people weren’t suppose to like candy other than as fake gag food.”

29. Overpriced.

“Really fancy wines.

I feel like once yet hit anything over USD 40 per bottle, all wines are just about the same levels of good.”

30. Rusty nails.

“Uni(sea urchin).

Tastes like rusty nails and explodes said rusty nail juice in your mouth like a boba.

Chefs talk about how they love it and I think people say they like it to get foodie cred.”

31. Very bitter.

“IPA beer.

Especially when the brewery prides itself on how hoppy it is.

That just means it’ll be so bitter you’ll barely be able to get it past your lips.”

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