Crushes are funny, often fleeting things. Ya never know when one is going to pop up, or what’s going to make it go away.

But the answers can be pretty shocking once they reveal themselves.

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by inAskReddit

Here are some reasons the people of Reddit lost that special infatuation with someone.

1. The Fault in Our Stars

I confided in him that I (at the time) was waiting to hear back after an MRI where they suspected I might have a tumor.

He said we shouldn’t get together until after I get the results because he wouldn’t want to date the dying girl

– Crybuns

2. The Dog K**ler

Called me fat, ugly, emo and a lot of other things… He also said that he likes to shoot dogs in the head so I backed out real quick.

– You_Little_F**kers

3. Boundaries, my friend.

I was dating this guy for a few weeks a few years ago. One night I got called in to work and he was really upset I cancelled our plans. He ended up driving to my work to “surprise me” and insisted on waiting in the parking lot for me to get done (I wasn’t gonna be off for like 4 more hours).

Later that week, I told him I was a little set off by it and that he needed to respect my work hours. He says okay so I think everything’s fine.

Next time I went to work, he sent me a photo of him having injured his hand and demanded I leave to take him to the hospital.

I called it quits that day. Sorry dude.

– tinymom7674

4. Not the sharpest tool.

He was a very kind and good man, but we were not on the same page intellectually speaking.

I was already in college, he was a high school dropout, and I realized two weeks into an almost relationship that I actually have nothing to talk to him about, that would be slightly stimulating for me.

– kukisss_p

5. So businesslike.

When he cancelled our date BY EMAIL, half an hour before it was supposed to start.

– WeasersMom14

6. See what happens.

Dude sent back a bottle of wine after he’d tasted it “just to see what would happen.” It got worse from there and ended when, after a VERY long political discussion he mentioned he wanted to be able to use the n word (very white guy) in “certain situations.”


Oh and he’s not vaccinated because he’s “scared of needles”

– NealMcBeal__NavySeal

7. Flick off.

He and his bestie were having a booger flicking war with one another. In the middle of class. In high school. ??????

– peacelilyfred

8. Simple as that?

After talking to him

– SensitivePractice366

9. Do it for the gram.

He asked if he could post a picture of me on his Instagram.

I said sure because I don’t have IG and don’t really care.

He was upset that I wasn’t ecstatic about being featured on his precious timeline.

That was a weird argument. No thanks.

– Dangerous_Effort3355

10. The Control Freak

When i was 14 i met this boy who had a crush on me. He was extremely nice and really knew how to compliment a girl. I had fun with him and he made good jokes, i started to get a crush on him too.

Then after a while he suddenly started making not so funny jokes only about me, my appearance and women in general. Like “go make me a sandwich” type of s**t. I immediately lost interest and turned him down.

Years later our mutual friends told me he is a toxic and violent control freak and plays nice until he thinks he “owns” the girl and thinks he has to show who has the power. I’m glad i dodged the bullet.

– itzzmaria

11. The Jerk

Realized he was an absolute jerk to girls just because.

He also always used reddit slang in real life conversations.

You keep that to the keyboard, for fricks sake…

– [deleted user]

12. All About Me

After a while I saw how self-centered he was.

– Rainbow-Pickel-Squid

13. Well, actually…

We were talking about MCU, and I said I loved the films and had watched them. While I was explaining why I didn’t like Civil War as much as Infinity War he dismissed my opinion by saying ¨To enjoy the film you need to have watched all of the others.¨

To my answer ¨I have,¨ he explained, patronising, ¨There’s like 40 of them.¨

The conversation d**d when I replied ¨I know. I’ve watched them.¨

I could almost SEE his brain making the connection woman = nOt A REaL fAn.

– Winter_Sky_8975

14. Sounds like y’all are doing great.

I found out he got a girlfriend, while we were out with mutual friends.

The whole time he wouldn’t stop talking bad about her. He described how controlling she was, while he got a mini panic attack when he discovered that she was out with her friends.

I think that is enough to k**l the crush.

– inexperiencedStalker

15. The Bigot

It wasn’t a romantic crush, more like a platonic crush(as in wanting to be good friends instead of f**k buddies) but he yelled out in the middle of health class that “gay and lesbian is gross” (didn’t even use proper English) and very racist stuff about Aboriginal Australians in science class right to my white passing aboriginal, closeted lesbian a**.

– ProfessionalAd2972

16. Hey, I’m right here.

We went out and she did nothing but text other people the whole time.

– aramil2001

17. The call out.

She called me ugly in front of the whole class, I don’t know why I had a crush on her for 2 years.

– cvslfc123

18. A good church girl.

In the scope of a 5 minute conversation, she said both of these conflicting things:

A: she flirts with guys to get them to come to church

B: it bothers her when guys come to church to look for a girlfriend

– gmangriggs

19. Cheater, cheater.

“I actually have a boyfriend but I really like you so I didn’t tell you”

She said this to me after s**.

Later that week she told her boyfriend about cheating. He told her he was also cheating.

She didn’t like that and ended it with him. She wanted to get together with me.

I told her to go f**k herself.

– Heada**McDeada**s

20. The Slasher Returns

She told me she slashed all her exes car tires and laughed like it was a totally hilarious and normal thing to do (granted, he was a d**k).

So I sorta realized she was a bit off and I distanced myself big time after that, to which she angrily responded by slashing my car tires.

– PaleontologistNo7501

21. A special kind of bitterness.

She said she was adamant about the truth then slowly saw her be fake to people.

Would be all about “positivity” then just randomly s**t on people for their small moments of happiness that she didn’t see the big deal in.

– Xionus

22. The Decoy Date

She knew her parents would like me.

So she asked me to come over to meet them… and then to get lost so she could go meet her REAL date whom her parents h**ed.

– Top-Personality-5665

23. The Cultist

She posted a picture of her in a group of people, with some organization tagged.

I looked at it, and it was a cult.

– DraketheDrakeist

24. Not so sweet after all.

She freaked out at a waitress, because the butter that came separately with the bread had rosemary in it.

The waitress apologized and quickly came back with plain butter. My “crush” then spent the whole meal complaining about the waitress.

I swear I found my “crush” very sweet and nice before that.

– dring157

25. Call me by my name.

In HS. I took her outing a date to eat and she lost her phone. So I was calling in in hopes we could hear it ring.

I heard it, found it, and discovered my contact name in her phone was “free food”. I ate my food, enjoyed dessert and then “ went to the bathroom “ but in actuality I skipped out on her.

During the following week I get lambasted through text about how much of a s**t individual I am. Her dad even shows up at my house and tried to manhandle me.

I told him to ask his daughter why my name in her phone was “ free food”.

So I thought I’d teach her a lesson and that I have a name and I don’t deserve to be called out of my name like that.

– The_EA_Of_Reddit

26. Hyper exclusivity.

When she and her friends got together to start a new cheerleading squad that only they could be in every year.

And then the schools threatened to expel them but ended up doing nothing so there were like 2 cheerleading squads.

– Tundra_Inhabitant

27. Some people just have no empathy.

I’ve never really had full on crushes but there was this one girl who I did like a bit, one time when I was at school I was with my friends and one of them tripped over and was crying because she had done something to her ankle, then we noticed that the girl who I sort of liked and all her friends that were with her were laughing there a**es off while my friend was on the ground with tears streaming down her face.

– RoomyRhymes

28. “I told you.”

She almost threw my cat across the room.

She came over after dinner and we were hanging out, in comes my cat. He doesn’t like being picked up or cuddled, but he will jump in my lap and cuddle me. So I told her that and not to pick him up. She picks him up because “My cat loves it when I do this” and gets in his face, he meowed(warning #1 from him) then she kept doing it and he slapped the s**t out of her.

Then she almost threw him, but I grabbed him and kicked her out with a “I told you”

Never heard from her again and that was 3ish years ago

– yabaquan643

29. Recreational bigotry.

Found out she’s prejudice and h**es a certain type of people.

And think it’s fun to make fun of them then pretend she didn’t do it.

– d3adandbr0k3n

30. The Bully

She told me that nobody will ever like/fall in love with me. In front of everyone in class

I had a crush on her for a while in my sophomore year. but when she said that to me she completely ruined my self esteem.

– dusknova6

Yeah, not surprised the feelings didn’t survive long after that.

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