There’s really no telling what seemingly small things will get under our skin.

We’re only human, and sometimes that means when we finally see something, we just can’t unsee it – and things that make no sense at all can really get us going.

These folks are here to vent about the nonsensical things that are driving them nuts, so fair warning – they might start bugging you now, too.

1. Drives me nuts.

Why Do I See Some People Capitalizing Every Word in a Sentence? Seems Like a Waste of Time.

Even worse Is I Have friends who Capitalize words At Complete random.

2. Wow. Now I can’t understand it either.


How does this strip of fabric make me fancy?

3. It needs to stop.

Why the classic 40 hour, 5 day a week work week is still a thing for most desk jobs.

It seems like every few months/years there’s a study that comes out saying how no productivity is lost only working 4 days a week, yet here we are still working 5 days a week, only being productive for like 4 hours a day, and wasting our lives

4. It is kid of gross, from the outside.

Kids pageants. Most of them are forced by their parents, and it looks like an awful childhood/upbringing.

5. Science, man.


Like, I get water, air, fire, and Earth.

But Magnets? How do they work?

6. There might have been a few steps in between.

We had rocks, earth and water and now we’ve got Internet.

7. More rest, please.

Expected to work 5 days and rest only 2. If that.

My manager was saying to me the other day that he was going to have to do some work over the weekend. He just dropped it in casually, but seemed a bit regretful about it, like he’d rather not have to do it. The thing is that he always makes a point of checking that everyone is keeping up with their work ok, and shuffling things around if someone is stressed.

It makes me sad for him, but also grateful that I seem to have found the one manager in the world that is both competent and a decent human being, but then also worried that if I ever get to his level I will have to give up my weekends. It’s a complex feeling.

Long story short: I don’t feel like the weekend is anywhere near long enough as it is, and I don’t want to have to give up more of it to get on in life.

8. This made me laugh.

Why are most cartoon suns drawn wearing sunglasses? What exactly are they protecting their eyes from?

“Hey Uranus, you want some vitamin D”

finger guns

9. Faster, please!

Why it takes 3 business days to get my money back.

It takes 3 business days either direction. When you buy something at a store, it feels like the store gets your money instantly because you essentially lose it instantly from the credit/debit account.

However in reality the store has to wait a certain time before they actually receive the funds, something like 3 business days. When they return money the opposite happens, the store loses the money instantly, but you have to wait 3 business days before it arrives.

10. It’s counterproductive.

Abusing your employees. Underpaying them, harassing them, undermining them and not developing their talents only hurts you in the long run.

Building a company with a strong foundation of genuine human connection will foster unbelievably potent loyalty that you won’t need to scream in peoples faces that they aren’t hitting their targets.

11. It’s a nightmare.

Health insurance.

We’re paying hundreds of dollars a month and you refuse to pay for any of my healthcare visits?


And they choose not to pay for certain meds of mine.

Health insurance is a racket and I firmly believe that health insurance execs inhabit the lowest rungs of hell when they die.

12. The punishment shouldn’t be the same.

The fact you’re not allowed to defend yourself in school is some other kid is attacking you.

Maybe it’s different in other schools but in mine that is the case, and it’s dumb as heck.

13. It boggles the mind.

The Universe itself, at the most fundamental levels.

Our minds have been shaped to be able to understand the level of reality we deal with on a daily basis – our sensory input, cause and effect relationships that are reliable and logical, and a sense of time moving forward in a straight line. All of these ways of thinking hold up in our own reality and helped humans thrive and conquer our natural world, co-operate in groups and build complex societies and technology.

Yet none of these thinking tools can stretch to make any intuitive sense of the origins of the Universe for example, be it an infinite process with no beginning or having a start point that itself lacks a cause. We may never really grasp quantum levels of existence, and there may be other planes or aspects of the universe that our brain is just fundamentally too limited to be able to fathom.

14. Dreams are insane.

The act of dreaming, seeing things through your mind’s\psyche’s eye : images, sounds, patterns, movement, all of it.

I see it as something mysterious. Even if the answer to where they come from and what chemical reactions result in them is revealed, the formulation of the “dream experience” continues to be strange and makes no sense.

That said, it is so amazing!

15. Is it all grown up?

The concept of the universe having an age (that it hasn’t been around forever) makes no sense. But also the idea of the universe having been around forever makes even less sense. It’s the ultimate paradox.

I actually lose sleep over this. How did something just come into existence? Like, where does it end? Is it flat? Are there levels? What’s in between the planets? Just nothing? It hurts my brain.

16. Don’t think about it too hard.

The fact that I am a bunch of molecules and I know that bundle of molecules is me. But a rock is also a bundle of the exact same molecules, just in different combinations and it doesn’t know anything.

That makes no freaking sense at all.

17. Definitely falls under “not fair.”

Working 40-60 hours a week your whole life and still having trouble buying groceries.

18. It really makes no sense.

An 18-year-old American can live by themselves (if they can afford it), go into Thousands of dollars worth of debt, Join the military, even buy a gun.

But it is illegal for them to have a beer.

19. You should be able to defend yourself.

A no tolerance policy. Now kids at my school just wail on each other no matter who started it because if you’re getting suspended anyway you might as well leave a mark.

20. Babies do not sleep well, but they do sleep often.

The saying “I slept like a baby”. So you woke up crying multiple times cuz you’re hungry and pooped your pants?

This is based off of less than a second of research, but i believe the phrase is in reference to the fact that they have no stress and no responsibility.

21. It’s so complicated.

Tax filings in the USA

Honestly it’s stupid, like Gov knows how much we make and we still need to file it correctly, if we dont file it correctly then we are either a tax evader or we would have to pay a shit ton back to the gov

22. Doesn’t add up.

Paying more than double what a mortgage costs in rent but being told you can’t afford a mortgage.”

23. When you put it that way…

You shouldn’t feed Gizmo after midnight. Surely every second of every day is after midnight?

24. The big bang, my friends.

How something can start from nothing. Why are we here? If you believe in God, why is there a God? Where did God come from? Why did the big bang happen? What was before it?

Does time even exist or is it just part of human perception? It makes no sense, none of it

25. The first time you realize this, it blows your mind.

Sean is pronounced Shaun.

When you change the “a” in “woman” to an “e” the sound of the “o” changes.

Siobhán is pronounced Shavon.

26. To the ground, people!

The bathroom stalls in America. They offer 0 privacy.

If I wanted to be seen by everyone while peeing I would do so right outside the stall.

If I happen to be in a public bathroom stall and I hear someone else come in the room, I always flush so they know that stall is occupied. Never works. They still come back, jiggle the door and look through the crack. Annoying.

27. There are no real rules.

It’s kind of scary to me to think about the fact that someone could be old, getting dementia, and still have control over a vast sum of wealth.

Their mental faculties could be deteriorating but they could still hold political office or run an evil corporation.

28. Baffles me every day.

Instagram influencers.

29. Both are terrifying.

That people let their kids use social media but complain about violent video games. Being someone who partakes in both, I had to get off social media because of how bad it made my mental health.

I only used it for video games and anime.

30. Can we all agree this doesn’t work?

Trickle down economics.

31. Do it up right.

Why do we keep making bathtubs so small. Everyone agrees that bathtubs are too small to be comfortable, and yet we still make them that way. Just stop. Make bigger tubs.

There isn’t some cosmic rule that they need to be uncomfortably short. If everyone just agreed right now to make bigger tubs, it would be over. It just makes no sense that we don’t. Stop it.

32. To each their own.

When people really hate on someone for there taste of music or film because we don’t really control what we like.

If we did I would train myself to find kale delicious and love runs.

There are so many weird things in this world, I swear.

Tell us in the comments what you would add to this list!