Folks, prepare to get scared…

And we’re not talking about horror movies or anything like that.

No, we’re talking about straight-up science.

And it’s gonna be enough to make you shriek in horror!

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about the scientific facts that really creep them out.

It’s advancing.

“The fact that your body can have advancing cancer and you wouldn’t know it sometimes.

Father in laws brother was walking through his kitchen and he fainted and hit his head on the counter. He was rushed to the hospital and they ran tests and he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer and his body was already in the endgame.

He was d**d within two months of diagnosis. That shit terrifies me and it can happen to anyone.”


“If you get diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 65, you had the disease since your early 40s at least.

And you experienced very mild symptoms but didn’t notice them. And your brain fought like hell to compensate for the deficit.

When you get diagnosed, your brain is already very severely damaged and will never recover from the deficit.”

Keep your fingers crossed.

“When the atom bomb was being created, the leading scientists associated with the project at the time had to calculate the flammability of the Earth’s atmosphere in order to ensure that detonating the bomb would not cause the atmosphere to combust.

At the time when the first atom bomb was detonated, these scientists still had not answered this question, meaning that we legitimately just crossed our fingers and hoped we wouldn’t set the fu**ing planet on fire. Humans are stupid.”

Try not to think about it.

“The fact that we can just get a blood clot and die and not realize anything was up, the human body has so many ways of just suddenly dy**ng and it’s terrifying.”

Look them up.

“Prion diseases exist.

Worse is that they can spontaneously happen with no genetic history.

Lost my brother in law to CJD last year.”


“You can get non-buoyant water.

In wastewater treatment plants they aerate the water so the bacteria breaking down the poo has plenty of oxygen.

Due to the introduced air, the water density is low enough that a human body (or most any object that would normally float) will go straight to the bottom.”

You might not know…


You can have it and never know until it decides it’s time.

And then you’ll d** terribly.”

Not a pleasant thought.

“Methanol contains very little carbon so when it burns it’s basically invisible.

Can you imagine d**th by burning alive and no one can see the flames so they can’t put them out?”


“The Dark Era of the universe.

When all the star fuel is gone (and it will be) and all the white dwarves have gone cold and dark (and they will) and all the black holes have evaporated away into elementary particles (and they will), the universe will be a cold, dark place…


That’s wild.

“The Marianas Trench is so deep that you could fit Mount Everest in it.

Even if you stand at the summit, there would still be about a mile of ocean above your head.”

You can’t defeat them.

“Cockroaches can live for up to a week without their head.

Cockroaches can live for five months on wallpaper glue.

Cockroaches can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes.”

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