What have you done that you thought you deserved at least a little bit of praise for?

It could have been something as small as a random act of kindness or maybe you did something at work that was important but flew under the radar?

We all like that sometimes, ya know?

Folks on AskReddit admitted the small achievements they’d like a pat on the back for.

1. Slimming down.

“I’ve been fat for most of my life, at least the last 30 years.

This last 11 months or so I’ve been able to get a handle on my eating and I’ve lost 100 lbs. I still have a few more to go until I get to my goal, but I went from wearing XXL shirts to a Medium.

I never thought I’d be strong enough to do this, but here I am.”

2. Back to work.

“I worked my usual 40 hour week after being on sick leave due to a major depressive episode and being unable to work for several weeks before that.

At least my autopilot works again, for the time being.”

3. Language lessons.

“I’ve finally started a Japanese language course.

Wanted to learn for a long time, just recently dared to pull the trigger.

I hate studying from the bottom of my heart, it is difficult to find motivation.”

4. Slowly healing.

“Starting a new job, getting thrown into a whole new social atmosphere, right after a devastating painful break up with my now ex gf.

I had some really dark days at first. Serious internal struggles within myself. Didn’t think I was gonna last at this job. While I shoveled snow in the depressing midst of winter, my mind was dwelling on my ex and everything that happened, like being haunted by a demon. I had to put on fake smiles for everyone.

I felt like I was gonna fall into a depressive state or have a nervous breakdown. Dark times indeed. But I fought through it. Thankfully my new job is great, my co workers have become good supportive friends, I’m making good money, and the future awaits.

I can feel myself recovering from the breakup. I’m slowly healing day by day.”

5. Don’t let them pile up!

“Dishwasher broke down, and contrary to even my own expectations, I’ve been doing dishes by hand every night, instead of just letting them pile up until the repairman came.”

6. Busy in the kitchen.

“I started making my own pasta and pizza dough. It’s not as good as a professional, but I’m doing it myself and my daughter loves doing it with me.

We make a big batch of dough to last the week and make our own creative pizzas at night for dinner.

And I’m saving a ton of money on food too!”

7. Success!

“Coming up on 17 years at the same job.

It’s an employee owned company and I’m awarded stock every year. I’m well into the six figures.

I hope to make 30 years and retire.”

8. Keep it up!

“I’ve been meditating every day for a month now.

It feels good!

Can’t stop, won’t stop.”


“My fitness journey after being addicted to X for 4 years and nobody even knew about it.

Been hitting the gym for 5 years straight now.”

10. Love yourself.

“Recently got over my body image!

Looking in the mirror I don’t see a physically unattractive person.

Took a while but It’s a weight off my mind!”

11. Finding happiness.

“I’m always mad or angry about something. I’m always tired of doing things and slightest inconvenience will make me hate everything around me.

I’ve been able to change my behavior for a week now.

I started gardening and biking and it really helps. Hopefully I can continue improving and find happiness even from little things.”

12. All done!

“June 2020 – 14 exams left

October 2020 – 0 exams left.

They weren’t hardest exams in the world, but I think its pretty bad*ss achievement.”

13. Moving forward.

“It was my abusive ex boyfriend’s birthday the other day.

Normally it would’ve sent me into a cocoon of toxic emotions. This year it passed without me realizing/thinking about it.

Small win but felt powerful.”

14. Chase your dreams.

“It took me around maybe 5 or 6 years to start chasing my own dreams.

Spent my whole childhood following what I was told while conflicted about not wanting to do it at all.

Am now 19 about to turn 20 and am now dream chasing”

15. Trimming it down.

“Trimming 7 years (so far!) off our mortgage through minor payment tweaks and tax return lump sum payments. It takes planning and discipline, but means we’ll both be able to retire without house debt.

Planning to surprise SO with this next year once I get it down a little further.”

16. Good for you.

“Drug addict for the last 10 years, tomorrow marks 2 months clean.

May not sound like a long time but it’s longest I’ve gone ever.”

17. Essential worker.

“My job is sort of essential.

I support software that is used by many hospitals and medical facilities. I’ve pretty much worked every day and made sure our sh*t didn’t blow up whole covid wrecked shop.

I get no mention. I get no praise but I’m happy to keep helping fight the fight.”

18. I’m loving it!

“I ate a McDonald’s double cheeseburger in one bite after my wife said “there’s no way you can eat that in one bite”.”

19. Nice work!

“I finally got the courage to apply to, interview for, and accept a new job.

And I quit the job I’ve had for a decade.”

20. Doing well.

“I’ve been making a point to try and shower every day.

It doesn’t seem like much, but when I’m going through a rough bout of depression.

It’s the biggest accomplishment I can muster and I’m very proud of myself and my current level of stinky-ness (current stink level: not stinky!! Yay)”

21. That’s nice.

“I sometimes give a smile or a wink to people when I walk past them, everytime I see that they smile.

Nice to brighten up people’s day. “

22. Breaking a bad habit.

“I’ve been biting my nails all of my life and have finally stopped.

I always feel a little silly to show my friends and be like, look, I have nails!”

23. On the way up!

“I can poach the f*ck out of an egg.

I enrolled into an awesome program at my uni, working in a multicultural group, way out of my comfort zone, but an amazing experience.

Started to fix my f*cked up teeth (braces and a corticotomy).”

24. Very good!

“With hard work, I managed not only to save 20k but also improve my credit score to the high 700s from the low 600 the year before.”

25. A big accomplishment.

“Got accepted into 2 of the most prestigious universities in my country for free.

I wasn’t expecting a party or anything but a congratulations would’ve been nice.”

26. No easy feat.

“I was ranked #1 in preliminary rounds at my college debate tournament and was ranked the #1 top speaker

So judges ranked a debater from 1-30 for how well you spoke, 30 being the best.

Then if people are tied in wins, the speaker points are tiebreakers. I was ranked as the #1 best speaker.”

27. Improving.

“This morning I finished the first question of my film midterm in almost exactly the time I gave myself for it (I was actually around ten minutes early).

I have ADHD, and very poor planning/time management skills.

This kind of thing almost never happens to me.”

Is there anything you’d like to be patted on the back for?

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