The times, they are a changin’…

And that means a lot of things in our lives that used to be normal are now luxuries.

So let’s see what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Truckin’


When I was growing up trucks were dependable, bare bones vehicles driven by contractors, landscapers, and farmers. They had minimal options, were used mostly for hauling stuff and were very uncomfortable if you were a passenger.

Now, they come with heated seats, plush interiors, and glossy paint jobs and cost a fortune. In a generation, they went from affordable working man transports to massive luxury vehicles for suburban dads.”

2. Not cool!

“Beef Jerky.

I cant believe how f**king expensive this s**t is nowadays.”

3. The good stuff.

“Real wood furniture. This MDF and particle board s**t is disgusting.

We recently bought a solid hardwood dining table and some chairs. You can just tell the quality difference – the table alone weighs almost 350 lbs and is solid as all hell. We are looking forward to passing it on to our kids.

Our previous table was one of those veneered BS tables made out of compressed sawdust. It was only a few years old but was already falling apart. $500 down the drain for that.”

4. Not anymore.

“Lobster used to be poor mans food. In her childhood my mother talked to an old man who had been poor in his youth.

He told her how he would wait until the middle of the night to go throw his lobster shells into the sea, so that no one would know he had to resort to eating lobster.”

5. Definitely.

“Higher Education

College tuition prices are a lot higher today.”

6. You bet.

“Products without a monthly subscription.

I’m waiting for the time in the future when companies’ product differentiators become “no subscription needed!””

7. Water wars.

“Water in SoCal.

Some people still don’t realize it and sadly keep watering their lawns while simultaneously complaining about their water bills.”

8. Life right now.

“Having a roof over your head and affording food without having a roommate or burning yourself out with three different jobs.”

9. Joy ride.

“Going on a road trip.

Not going anywhere precise, just enjoy a ride in your car.”

10. Bummer.

“Things built to last.

Back in the day everything made was built to last. It was cheap too.

Then people found plastic…”

11. A big one.


Now all the advice is to basically give the big corporations all of your money and hope to live off the dividends of the money they make.”

12. Hmmm…

“Going down to the corner for a cup of coffee.

Used to be diners and coffee houses would sell coffee dirt cheap with free refills to get customers in the door.

Then Starbucks came along – $7 for a cup of coffee and no free refills.”

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