Well, this is going to be pretty interesting

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We suck.


The human being is really the worst creature that has ever walked the planet. We destroy and kill everything, and live on this planet as if we have another one to go to.

We need nature and every animal because they are part of the ecosystem, but nature really doesn’t need us. If humans disappear the earth will revive again and everything will be in harmony.”

Probably right.

“The overs**ualisation of this age.

I believe a lot of depression in younger people ( boys and girls) are due to overs**ual role models that creates unrealistic expectations.”

Good point.


I wholeheartedly agree!

I’m not prude or against s** workers at all i just have noticed how many people are getting addicted to it and how many divorces it has caused.”


“Mosquitoes and fleas.

Little blood suckers that only make life harder for me and my pets.

Who eats or otherwise benefits from them?

Birds? Spiders? Bats?”

F**k ’em. They have plenty of other s**t to eat flying and jumping around.”



Leads to too many conflicts and nobody has figured it out, no matter how confident they may be.”

Please go away.

“Influencer culture.

Just a bunch of people who got famous from basically nothing staying in the news and influencing—NO 🦆ING PUN INTENDED—our youth to believe that going viral on social media is the only means to success.

I kind of miss when people actually had tangible careers that they aspired to. things that could make a difference. I will say, it’s awesome when influencers use that capital to help other people or even just achieve the goals they had they were younger. I

I just think our general population, especially our youth, should aspire to more than this.”

Were we happier?

“The Internet.

I’m in my 40s, and remember before the internet.

Everyone, literally everyone, was happier.”

All about negativity.

“Rupert Murdoch’s media empire.

It’s a negative force in every market they operate in and you can tell because they aren’t in every Anglophone market.”


“Karens (and their male equivalents).

Working in customer service oriented jobs would be so much more tolerable without them.”

Just terrible.


I can understand a platform for music creators to work together, but it’s turned into a cesspool of toxic beliefs.

The algorithms push people into echo chambers that confirm whatever it is they’re already thinking, and it’s just terrible.”

A real menace.


F**K THOSE BASTARDS the bastards have a photographic memory too so if you mess with one just f**king leave cuz they’ll be coming for you AND they’ll tell the rest of their nest so you got a whole nest on your ass for literal generations.

Just fu**ing move or something.”

Too much.

“Growth for the sake of it.

Companies always need more profit, countries always need more people etc. etc.

There is only so much to go around and when companies take more of it, or their are more people to share it between then the Everyday Joe is squeezed.”

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