Listen up, people!

Because I’m about to lay some truth on you…

I personally believe that people who are obsessed with the band Phish and go see them over and over and over again are….wait for it…IN A CULT.

Am I right, or am I right?

What else is a cult that acts like it isn’t?

AskReddit users sounded off about this.

1. Weird.

“Competition dance parent here.

Dance and ballet are absolutely a cult. When I explain things to my family and friends, it’s so clear to me that it’s messed up. I also feel like I’m grooming my kid for future a**se because advocating for yourself is so frowned upon in the dance world. It’s setting a terrible example.

It didn’t happen right away. The red flags build up over time. It’s definitely a case of the slowly boiling frog. You don’t realize you’re in a cult until you’re way deep.

This is my daughter’s last year of dance, even if she wants to keep dancing (unless she moves to rec). She’s now participating in a team sport other than dance in order to offset the negative messaging she’s received from the competitive dance world.”

2. Wife life.

“Military wives.

Or any [insert occupation of their husband] wives.

Basically anyone that bases their entire identity on either being a mom or the occupation of their husband.”

3. Controlled.

“The Amish.

They control nearly every aspect of their followers’ lives and live in an incredibly insular society. Sure they let their kids experience the outside world and choose for themselves through rumspringa, but they seemingly set them up for failure by throwing them into the deep end with no preparation at a time in their lives (17-21) when people aren’t noted for great decision making.

When the kids almost inevitably end up crashing and burning back into the fold, they are forced to remain for the rest of their lives through the threat of shunning where even your own parents will treat you as if you are dead and invisible. Sure they look quaint with their beards, buggies, and barns, but if you actually look at them critically, they’re as bad as any other cult, they’ve just been around longer.”

4. So weird.

“Jared Leto and his followers.

That MF is fake, and has a messiah complex.

And his followers, don’t get me started on them…”

5. Bingo.

“The Church of Scientology

Some of the illegal s**t they’ve done is so ridiculous. Been wanting to make a video where I just read a list of this bulls**t with fun goofy music in the background. You could do the same with the ridiculous things they actually believe.

Here’s an example: Their founder was a science fiction writer and the only holiday they recognize is his birthday.”

6. Greek life.

“Fraternities and Sororities.

Definitely a cult. I was in one.

It’s ridiculous what they make you do and how they make you feel. Especially at a vulnerable age.”

7. The family.

“The Grateful Dead Family.

What a wonderful mixed bag of both amazing people and a**holes.”

8. Still around.

“Masons! My husband joined and was in it for a long time.

I used to joke with him that it was a cult and he’d defend the masons. He tried for a while to have me join the Order of the Eastern Star and I declined.

Then one day I noticed he didn’t go to his meeting, then his missed another and another. When I asked he just said he no longer had the time. I jokingly said oh did you finally realize that you joined a cult? He turned 3 shades lighter and walked away.”

9. The flock.

“Any successful televangelist.

The only difference between Joel Olsteen and Jim Jones is that Joel seems to understand that if you keep the sheep alive, you can carry on fleecing them repeatedly.”

10. Surprising.

“Texas A&M students.

Not alumni. The students are a downright cult and it’s annoying.”

11. Ugh.

“Elon Musk fans.

He could literally m**der somebody and they would still be like “he is so innovative! A tech genius! My IDOL!” and would come up with an excuse as to why the m**der was justified.”

12. The cult.

“Disney people. It’s so weird.

I like Disney entertainment, but it’s like basing your diet on whipped cream.”

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