I’m sure you probably already know this, but helping people out, whether you know them or not, is the right thing to do in life.

And helping out total strangers makes you feel REALLY good. When you lend a helping hand to someone and you expect nothing in return, you’re doing a good deed…no, a GREAT deed.

My point is, be kind to each other and help each other out, even if you’re helping someone who you’re probably never going to see again.

Let’s all treat each other respectfully! There’s enough bad news and hatred in the world right now and we don’t need to add to it!

Here are some AskReddit users who are obviously doing it the right way.

1. At the coffee shop.

“I used to go to a drive through coffee shop on my way to work every morning.

While I was waiting to order I saw a dude in the car behind me with a his kid and they looked like they were talking and the dad sadly shook his head and the kid sadly drooped his head, he was probably like 9 or 10.

I’m thinking the dad doesn’t have enough to get his kid a little hot chocolate or something. So I order and get to the window and tell them I want to pay for the guys stuff behind me and add a hot chocolate to their order.

Come to find out all that’s on the order is a small hot chocolate, so the dude was just there to get his kid something knowing he couldn’t get anything and the kid was sad about it. (this is all assumption by the way)

So anyways, I tell them to add a large black coffee and upsize the hot chocolate, so they do and I just drive off. The next day when I got my coffee the guy who works there reaches out the window like he wants to shake my hand and I look at him weirdly and he tells me how the guy teared up when they gave him the coffee and hot chocolate and that it was paid for so he just gave them the money he had and said to pay for the person behind him if it would cover it.

The coffee shop guy said it went on for 22 cars before the poor girl didn’t have enough cash to pay for the like, 4, large drinks the person behind her had ordered.

He said it was the coolest display of humanity he’d seen in awhile and wanted to shake my hand, so I did and he gave me my coffee free that day.”

2. Helping each other out.

“I was waiting in line to pay at the vet, and the guy in front of me was $25 short. He said he would be able to pay on Friday, I think it was Tuesday.

The receptionist said it was their policy that they were not supposed to let the pet go without full payment. This meant he would have to be charged extra for them keeping the pet overnight and the pet would have to be away from home for 3 more days.

He went into one of the exam rooms to talk to the vet about his cat. I told the receptionist to put the rest of his bill on mine.

Two days later I got two cards, one from the Vet thanking me for being kind to fellow customers, and the other from the guy who was short on cash.

I felt amazing for the rest of the week, best $25 I’ve ever spent.”

3. Down with bullies!

“Found a kid crying in a locked bathroom, lights turned off.

Turned out he was being bullied, so I bought him a candy bar.”

4. A good deed!

“I live in Australia and it was the middle of summer about 109 degrees in the shade.

When I was leaving a shop I noticed an 80 year old man running for the bus but it didnt see him.

He was swearing and very angry. I stopped and asked where he was heading.

He was going in the oposite direction than me but I gave him a lift home and even a cold beer as I had just bought a 6 pack.”

5. Made him feel good.

“Was at a bar with some of my girls. There was this guy there who seemed so out of place. He was with friends, but he was giving of the most socially awkward “what am I doing here?” vibe.

After seeing him get ragged by his friends after being shot down by three separate females, I went over to him in front of his friends, pulled him gently by the tie and said “let me buy you a drink”.

I ended up speaking to him for about 30 more minutes while his friends cackled amongst themselves like hens.”

6. Have some roses.

“I made a bouquet of (about fifteen) roses for my (then) girlfriend for Valentines’ day (I grow roses). I was sitting on the bus across from this girl that was about three years younger than me. I sat down, put the vase of roses on the seat next to me and prepared to send me girlfriend a text message.

Then I heard her. Bawling her eyes out. The girl across from me had seen the flowers and (I’m guessing) had broken up with her boyfriend a few days prior, and just started crying.

When my stop came, I gathered four roses from my bouquet and said “Look, these were for my girlfriend, but you look like you could use a few. Happy Valentines Day!” and handed her four roses.

The anonymous girl grinned from ear to ear and let out a sheepish “Thank you…”. I smiled back, turn ’round and got off the bus.”

7. Good dog!

“When I was in college, I came down my stairs and saw a dog with no leash or owner in sight. I sat down in the stairs and put my hand out. The dog came right over and was very nice.

So i thought the owner may live near, and his dog got out. So i went upstairs and got a makeshift leash, and got the dog some lunch meat and a bowl of water, and noticed he had a mud covered tag. it was friday at 4:55 and the city office was closing. since i knew it belonged i took the dog in for the weekend, till i could call monday.

I bought some food, a leash and a toy for the dog. i called monday and found the owner, and he was missing his dog for 3 weeks. He cried, i cried. He tried to give me 100 bucks and said thats all he could afford, but i gave it back.

The dog was very sweet, well behaved, never barked.”

8. A helping hand.

“I held an old lady’s hand as she went down the metro escalator.

She just approached me, explained how she had slipped and fallen recently and could use a hand.

I guess it helped that she reminded me of my grandmother.”

9. Get lost, creep.

“I was at a bar with a friend one night when I noticed one of the particularly drunk girls leaving.

One of the shady guys who’d been sitting by himself the whole night watching the women got up and followed her out. I told my friend what I noticed so we walked outside to make sure nothing was up. The guy asked her if she needed a ride home, so before she could reply we walked over to them and my friend asked if either one of them had a cigarette he could bum.

The girl handed him a cigarette and so we stayed there a bit to chat with her. The creepy dude glared at us a bit, but finally gave up and went back inside.

We called her a cab. Glad to know we very likely prevented something.”

10. Broken headlight.

“A couple years ago I had a Mustang, and one of the things that I did was replace my factory headlights with new ones off eBay. I was a student at the time and had noticed another Mustang, same color and all, frequently parked in the deck near me.

One day I saw that someone had broken out his headlight, so I went home, grabbed my original one, bagged it up and left it at his car door. The next day he/she put it on.

Feels good man.”

11. A lifesaver.

“Performed CPR on an elder man in the commissary.

I revived him and had him in the recovery position before EMTs arrived.”

12. Sad.

“It was about 1 AM, I was walking back home with my girlfriend when I saw a dead cat on my road.

I went to move it to the side when I realised it was still moving/alive. I spent a few minutes trying to find the RSPCA number and then realised it had a tag on its collar with a number.

I rang the number once – no one picked up. Tried again – a lady picks up, sleepily.


“Yes, do you have a grey cat? I’m sorry to tell you, but it got hit by a car”

I told her where I was.

“OMG I’ll be right there.”

She was visibly shaken, so I offered to come with her to the vet’s, holding the cat on my lap – I didn’t want her to have to drive alone, fuss over the cat, and get into an accident.

Stayed for about 45 minutes, eventually she left the cat there to be looked after overnight and drove us back.

He died later – I’m just happy she didn’t find him dead.”

13. Nice work!

“We were on a marching band trip, and our director was in “active negotiations” with the school board about funding: he wanted us to have it, they didn’t.

So he managed to weasel out of them that we would get some per diem money (meaning a little money each day of the trip for food and such) but we had to give back what we didn’t spend, and there was someone that logged the money in and out.

So he encouraged us to “enjoy ourselves” and gave us a basic blank check to spend it on whatever. We ended up getting over $200 because it was a 5-day trip. So most of us didn’t end up wasting it, because we were broke college students and we were feeling frugal.

In the end, each of us had at least $100 left, and there was a group of me and my friends that all went to eat at a restaurant the last night. Well, our director reminded us that we had to spend it all, or give it back. So our waiter was pretty awesome as far as waiters went. He was by every 5 minutes to check things out, always got us refills quickly, etc.

We all just looked at each other when he came with the check. Then as one, we pulled our wallets out, and tossed him a $500+ tip. He was literally crying, and hugging us, etc. It was pretty awesome.

Turns out he was about $500 short of being able to go to school that semester, and he didn’t have any idea where he was going to get the money.

I felt like an awesome person the whole rest of the month.”

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