No doubt about it, things are tough out there for folks right now.

The pandemic has caused so many people to lose their jobs and caused a lot of other folks to tighten their belts financially while we ride this out and see what’s gonna happen next.

And we’ve all made a purchase or two over the past year that we might not have made during normal times.

So what’s the best purchase you’ve made in the past year.

Here’s how AskReddit users answered this question.

1. A new home.

“A house.

My wife and I were both WFH in a 500 square foot apartment which did not go well. We finally got a house with room to spread out and it’s made our lives much easier.

I recognize this is not an easy whim purchase, but instead was one that we’ve been saving for 8 years for.”

2. Good idea.


I am two months in, can see major improvements, and people don’t have to see or hear me talk funny with a retainer! Two more months to go.

Never thought I would win an award for having crooked teeth but now it seems worth it!”

3. A real bad boy.

“I bought a 1984 Camaro for the sake of learning how to work on cars and having a project vehicle. I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a kid.

So far I’ve rebuilt drum brakes, changed u joints, changed all wheel bearings/seals, bought a new carburetors, upgraded to an electric radiator fan, restored all the gauges back to factory original, and a bunch of other stuff. I will say I’ve learned a substantial amount so far!

When I get some money saved up, I’m gonna tear into the engine and rebuild it.”

4. I can see!


Seriously I have not had a second where I have regretted it. It truly is life changing.

People who just see naturally you have no idea how good you have it”

5. A great choice.

“A washing machine around the start of the pandemic.

We used to haul the clothes to a laundromat and fold them there.”

6. You gotta have goals.

“I bought a $2 travel mug that gets me free coffee from a gas station on every Tuesday.

I can’t wait for my 200th “free coffee” because after that I’ll have essentially paid less than 1 penny for each refill.

This is the goal in life.”

7. A new life.

“A plane ticket to leave an awful ex.

I (34f) was with my ex (34m) for 6yrs. We were married 4. About a year and a half prior to me leaving state he stopped working without a job lined up. At the same time he stopped helping me cook and do household chores. He quit his meds & counseling to take medicinal Marijuana.

He’d sleep all day and play video games all night. I had to work 50+hrs/wk, cook, clean, crack his back, massage his shoulders/back, and get snacks/beverages for him. He was a complete man-child.

He cheated on me, was an alcoholic who only got sober while unemployed, and other awful stuff. Such as cheating on me with someone he knew since middle school. She got pregnant and he thought it was his. He wanted her to give birth and us raise it. I found out before I flew out she wanted him to leave me for her. We found out the child was from a drug addict and she had an ab*rtion. He still remains “friends” with her to this day.

For the year and a half I politely asked him, pleaded, begged and even argued with him about the lack of job/financial contribution and not doing household chores. That it was too much for me. The argument portion ended with him calling me a cunt.

When I was 16 I lived in the south and dated a guy (S) who had a group of friends. My family forced me to leave state and I found out I was pregnant. I gave the child up for open adoption. When I was 19, I dated a guy from the friend group (T) and it was long distance. We broke up over the distance and something petty. Last September T (34m) re-entered my life.

I’m not sure if it was new medications or T. But it was like I woke up from a nightmare and realized that the above sh*tty life did not have to persist. We were talking and the moment we recognized what was going on, we separated from our spouses.

On Nov 5th I jumped on a plane to be with T. It’s the happiest, most calm, and content I’ve ever been in my life.”

8. Cool!


They eat weeds and table scraps. They give us eggs. They give us good compost. They are funny as all heck. They force me to go outside regularly.

But the best part is they are really good for my family’s mental health, just hanging out with them, which is especially needed this year.”

9. No more back pain.

“A Roomba!

After having 3 spinal surgeries a few years ago, hoovering has been the worst.

This bad boy has helped me more than you’ll ever know.”

10. You gotta have AC.

“I’m living in SE Asia where it is scorching hot.

I have no air conditioner in my room, so I bought an air cooler just before the lockdown started. Best purchase.

It doesn’t cool the room entirely but it makes the heat bearable”

11. Out on the water.

“An inflatable stand up paddle board.

Being able to drive to a lake and paddle around on the water for a few hours really helped me get through this year.”

12. Stargazing.

“A telescope.

It’s so incredible to see Jupiter moons and Saturn.

And see that there is much more in the sky than meets the eye.”

13. Nothing like a good desk.

“A big fancy desk for my home office.

Now I’m actually comfortable working from home.”

14. Always a good thing.


I went in specifically for relationship issues and now she’s found that I’m very prone to work related burnout and even found PTSD related to two hurricanes/typhoons I’ve been through.

I probably should have gone years ago, but better late than never.”

15. Boom!

“Purchased a solid 14k gold Swiss watch at a garage sale for $5.

Probably my purchase of the year.”

16. I can see clearly now.

“Got my eyes zapped with the SMILE procedure.

Wow. I’ve worn glasses for almost 20 years and i’m just amazed.

Two months later I still go to take off my glasses and remember i’m not wearing any!”

17. Now you’re one of us.

“My first cup of coffee.

I recently left the Mormon church (which teaches that drinking it is sinful) and found this to be a simple joy that I was missing out on!”

18. A new best friend.

“My dog. Wanted one my whole life.

Finally decided I was settled enough and ready for the responsibility. Adopted her in august (I’m equating the fees and such with the purchase) and while she has turned my life upside down, it’s great.

The last week or so has been rough but I have to get up every single day to walk her and by the time we get back, it’s pointless to go back to bed so I prepare her breakfast then mine and then I do the things I need to get done.”

19. Wow!

“A self-stirring coffee mug.

It’s so much fun, I actually look forward to getting up because it means I get to use it.”

20. Ridin’ in style.

“I dumped a clunker car for a new one. It was a money drain plus the value had dropped much further than I thought.

The amount of stress relief was immense and the money saved even with a new car payment is very beneficial.”

21. VR.

“My first VR headset! It’s winter, and I hate running outside during winter, it’s not really ideal and a good way to hurt yourself.

With VR, I can have a LOT of fun and do my cardio everyday! Some games out there are a real full body cardio workout.

I love it.”

22. Like floating on a cloud.

“Honestly, probably the anti-fatigue floor mat I picked up for $24 that now lives by my sink/stove.

Standing there is like floating on a cloud and makes cooking or cleanup so much better.”

23. Gettin’ in shape!

“You know what? It’s a Peloton (and other home gym equipment).

I rapidly gained weight early this year – lost my job at a hotel, lost my father, our wedding was cancelled. I ate my feelings (and arguably, I still am!) With no gyms open and honestly no desire to exercise, I just…faced getting heavier and heavier and sadder and sadder.

I know it’s gimmicky but d*mn the peloton really turned around my relationship with my body and health this year. I love the classes, and it encouraged me to get outside and start running again. I bought the thing in August, and I’ve now lost all of the weight I gained this year and I’m simply feeling better. I’m drinking less and eating better just because I feel more connected to my body and health, and the endorphins from exercise have helped me keep my head up every day.

Seriously, it was worth every cent…and it was not cheap.”

24. Take care of yourself.

“Counseling and anti-depressants.

I’ve put both off for so long, and my mental health has improved significantly.

Please talk to your healthcare provider if you’re unsure about either; counseling especially has been so good for me.”

25. Ha! That’s awesome!

“A mouse jiggler that will keep my status as Active on my computer while I take a nap.

The best purchase while working from home.”

26. Well fed.

“An instant pot.

Used it so much and kept the family well fed.

Cut the time I spend in the kitchen by a lot!”

27. A timesaver.

“Robovac that vacuums and mops.

I am not exaggerating when I say it saves hours of cleaning each week. 5 of us here all the time, a dog and a cat.

It runs daily and my floors don’t stress me out anymore.”

28. A new hobby.

“An acoustic guitar.

Figured that I might as well learn something while cooped up indoors.

I never knew fingertip callouses could develop so quickly.”

Okay, you know the drill…

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