Every private establishment has the right to set their own expectations as far as customer behavior and dress.

Likewise, every customer is free to have their opinion – and to speak up about it online.

Those two rights are clashing over the dress code at the self-proclaimed “family friendly” establishment called Turkey Leg Hut.

Some of the things prohibited by the restaurant (“not a club”) are swimwear, clothing with rips and tears, or anything baggy enough to reveal undergarments.

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There are customers who fully support their choices, as these comments shows:

“Thank you for enforcing a dress code! A lot of people these days are just not trained right. I’m glad you all are speaking up and teaching them.”

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“What’s really sad is you have to tell grown people how to dress in public…they should have more pride in themselves and present themselves appropriately. Good for you Turkey Leg Hut for trying to change.”

Others, though, felt that despite the Turkey Leg Hut’s protestations to the contrary, they’re not actually a family-friendly restaurant at all.

“Of course business owners have the right to change their dress code policy, but I will say, people dress according to where they’re going. I hope they change the atmosphere to match their expectations.”

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“I went tonight and it was most def lounge vibes. Hookahs, good food, good music, good drank, but that menu ain’t family friendly cause it’s no kid menus and I’m sure in the h**l not gonna get my 4-year-old a 20-dollar turkey leg to mess over.”

The debate will rage on, I’m sure, but I tend to agree with the latter commenters. Sure, you can expect whatever you want, but if you’re not actually family-friendly, then what’s the motivation behind the dress code change in the first place?

It leaves one to wonder, for sure…