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AITA for leaving my fiancee birthday after my stepdaughter’s prank?

“So, I got recently engaged to my fiancè Michael. We don’t live together but we agreed to move together soon. He has a 16yo daughter. I gotta be honest, she seems quite stubborn and her own dad struggles to get her to listen.

I’m not close with her which is something I know I need to work on and I fo my best. However, Her pranks make it difficult for me to maintain a good relationship with her. She loves to prank and her prank can be a lot sometimes though there’s sometimes some humor there. I tried to laugh it off everytime she’d prank me but it’s gotten too much lately.

My final straw was on her dad’s birthday. I came to spend the day and have celebrstory dinner. My future inlaws and relatives came as well. All went well until dinner. We were about to have dinner and once we walked into the dining table, I was stunned to see my underwear hanging on a hanger in the corner.

My stepdaughter looked at me, smiled and said “of you forgot these last time you visited and I didn’t want you to forget them again so I hung them here!”. I was absolutely astonished, speechless even. Michael was shocked and my inlaws and other guests INCLUDING Michael’s friends were staring at me in awkward silence. I felt so humiliated, especially when some of the men laughed.

Next thing I knew, I yelled at her and was grabbing my stuff about to leave and Michael and his daughter telling me to calm down it was just a prank. I left immediately and turned my phone off. Mivhael left many texts and voice messages calling me “hypersensitive” and claiming I ruined his birthday by walking out over a prank.

We argued later and he said his daughter is a teenager and it’s what they do so my reaction was over the top and ruined the birthday for him and his family.

I haven’t spoken to him in days and he’s expecting I visit to apologize for walking out and also yelling at his daughter.

AITA? Did I overreact?”

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