The name game sure can get heated, don’t you think?

Parents get into fights all the time about what they’re going to name their children, and this story is pretty unique.

Let’s see what this young woman had to say on Reddit’s “Am I the *sshole?” page.

AITA for not letting my boyfriend name our daughter Renesmae?

“My boyfriend and I are both 18, and 35 weeks pregnant with our daughter.

Since the day I found out we were having a girl he was hell bent on naming her Renesmae, absolutely refuses to compromise. He’s a massive Twilight fan, I personally hate it and would much rather that we don’t name our baby after a fictional character.

It kinda hit boiling point last night, for weeks I’ve been telling him we are coming up with something else because I’m not naming my child that. I went onto Instagram where he had posted a picture of us and said in the caption “I can’t wait to meet you Renesmae.”

I got really really mad my this. I told him to delete that, or change the caption because I’m not naming our daughter that. He refused, saying his friends knew now so we had to stick with it. I said “I haven’t f*cking agreed to naming our daughter after some stupid made up character from the worst books ever f*cking made. Delete the post now or get the f*ck out of my house”.

He left to spend the night at a friends and my parents who heard the argument said I should just let him name our daughter that, saying it probably means a lot to him and that I’m being an unreasonable *sshole.


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This person made it very clear: they think her boyfriend really sucks in this situation.

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Another person said that this name would most likely give the girl trauma in the future.

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Another Reddit user said they think you really shouldn’t name a child after a character unless it’s used in other ways, too. Good point…

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This person said something that really stuck out: why didn’t he pick another name from Twilight that wouldn’t stick out as much?

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Lastly, this individual said that the woman shouldn’t even let him go to the hospital with her when it’s time to have the baby because she doesn’t really know what the boyfriend might do.

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