During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been hard to get everyone to get the same page regarding masks.

Some people believe they deprive the wearer of oxygen, while others say they can’t wear them for medical reasons that they’d rather not disclose. But one woman did disclose her reason for dismissing masks to a news station that was more shocking than most. She claimed they gave her husband an STD.

According to Columbia, South Carolina’s WIS-TV, a woman named Cheryl said her husband got “clamedia” from his mask, so she was dead set against them. When the station asked if she meant a sexually transmitted disease, she said, “no”—but judging by the phonetic spelling of the word, what else could it have been?

(Before we go further—no, you can’t get an STD from a mask.)

Of course, a tweet about this shocking admission went viral and the original poster took upon herself to make the best of the attention by drawing eyes to Black Lives Matter and gay rights.

Twitter followers couldn’t believe the woman was this uneducated on both STDs and masks and thought she must have been trolling. At the same time, there have been equally ignorant statements about mask-wearing floating around, so no one is really sure. Someone else speculated that perhaps Cheryl’s husband fabricated a lie to get out of something he didn’t want his wife to know about in the first place.

No matter what you believe, it’s best to wear the mask. Sure, they can be uncomfortable and a bit of pain, but the life you save maybe someone else’s.

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