We’d like to think that we can trust doctors 100% and that they’re going to get it right 100% of the time…but we all know that it doesn’t really work that way.

A woman named Amanda Lee is using her platform on TikTok to talk about being misdiagnosed due to being overweight.

Lee’s TikTok video flashes back to one year ago when she says her doctor told her that her experiencing pains when she eats maybe isn’t “such a bad thing.”

Lee then talks about how, only one month after she visited that doctor to complain about her severe abdominal pain and cramps, she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Lee said she continues to share her experience so that others can learn from what she has been through.

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And people on TikTok reacted to her personal story that has gone viral.

This person who is a medical student thanked Lee for sharing her story with the world.

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Another TikTokker said they are proud of Lee and that her advocating for herself should be a lesson to others.

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This person shared a similar story about being ignored by a doctor.

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Another individual said that “fatphobia” is a dangerous thing.

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And another person shared another story that was similar to Lee’s.

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In August 2021, Lee shared an Instagram post to share the good news that she is cancer-free. We’re glad to hear it!


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