When you open your home to a rescue dog, you are opening your life to all the love an adoption like this brings. You have given a homeless and lonely dog a new life. In return, rescues bring much happiness, love and appreciation. And, fur. So much fur.

A couple of years ago, Reddit user rachelfromearth brought a dog named Mowgli home from where he was sheltered. He was pretty miserable until all the tender care he got from his new owner made him into the handsome, happy boy he is now. One day, after a good grooming, rachelfromearth decided to have some fun with Mowgli’s extra fur.

“We rescued Mowgli in June of 2017 through Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue,” rachelfromearth told Bored Panda. “Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue pulls the majority of the dogs they save from high volume, high kill shelters in rural Texas (some with an intake of over 100 animals a day).”

Reddit, meet Mowgli. My life, my love, my muse for my fur artwork.
byu/rachelfromearth inpics


Mowgli was originally picked up as a stray and came into the shelter underweight, with heartworms and missing a lot of his fur. But he was also smiling in the photo rachelfromearth saw and she fell in love with him instantly. She’s nursed him back to full health and into a snuggly, sweet part of the family. She thinks he about five years old and is a white German Shepard, but she hasn’t tested him for the breed. Neither she nor the shelter know anything about his past or even his exact age.

Rachelfromearth first came up with her art project because she was trying to emphasize how much fur came off her fella. Then it became a message that adult rescue dogs are just as lovable as puppies are and she hopes that everyone considering bringing a rescue home looks at the older ones as well.

They too give their kisses freely–and their fur.