We are in love with these thrift store garments turned high-fashion items. They are indeed one-of-a-kind!

Meet Jillian Owens, who goes by the online name Refashionista. She’s a 38-year-old fashion blogger from South Carolina. She sees the beauty in thrift store items that no one wants and creates something wearable and fashionable.


Owens started making her own pieces about a decade ago—she had gotten a job and didn’t have the money for a new work wardrobe. So, she improvised and decided to make things a bit more challenging by taking “the ugliest, saddest, and cheapest thrift store clothes I could find and turn them into my own unique designs.”


She began creating incredible new garments with just a sewing machine and an armful of clothes that she bought for a $1 apiece. She’s since started the Refashionista blog and now has a dedicated sewing room.


She does this not only to show off what she can do but says that she hopes if offers inspiration to others who may want to try something like this, but haven’t found the courage.


I want people to look at my blog and be inspired to start thinking more creatively about how they can solve problems they might have. We’re all creative. We’re all makers. And we can all take things that aren’t working in our lives and find creative and innovative ways to make them better.


Here are some more fierce looks!


This before and after is nuts!


Oh snap!


Completely unrecognizable. Amazing!


What?! Come on… that’s crazy.


What do you think of her talents? Have you ever upcycled anything or repurposed it for another use?

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