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AITA for not using my husband’s “hilarious” gift?

“H (29m) and I (26f) have been married for 4 years. I had a great job in sales before covid, but we found during the pandemic that things just worked better with H at work and me at home (he earns enough to support us both).

I never thought I’d end up being a “traditional” wife, but given that he’s the breadwinner, I sometimes feel as though i should pick up a lot of the slack at home. I’m not a great cook, but I’m sociable and enjoy being the hostess.

When H has friends over to watch soccer, I prep a huge tray of snacks, keep the beers on ice, and pop in with drink and food top ups during the game. I don’t stay to watch, but I do ask the guys how they’re doing etc, just polite chit chat. They all seemed into it and often comment that H has done well to have such a great wife. It’s a nice set up.

Last week, H came home with a beautifully gift wrapped box and said he’d got me a little something to wear when his friends are next over. I do my best to dress nicely when they’re round, so I figured it would be a pretty dress or something. He had this huge grin on his face so I was SO excited.

I opened the box to find a red latex mini dress and a ball gag. The gag was designed to look like a soccer ball and the dress is in his teams colour. I didn’t know what to say at first, I was so confused (he’s never been into anything like that, he’s very vanilla).

I asked if it was a joke and at first he said no and told me his friends wouldn’t believe how lucky he was if I walked in with the snacks like that. I can’t remember what I said next, but then he told me it would be hilarious if i wore it and I should lighten up. I gave it a nervous laugh and told him I thought it was funny too.

This morning, he’d put both items on my dresser and said he’s looking forward to seeing me in them when the guys are round tomorrow. I reminded him that he said it was a joke, he got a bit sulky and said he can’t believe I don’t have a sense of humour. But from what he’s saying, it sounds like he’s expecting me to wear it?

I’m so confused because 1) I don’t know if he’s done this as a joke because his friends think I talk too much, or 2) If he’d get off on me being humiliated. He says I’m being uptight and called me out for being an AH, but I honestly don’t think I’m unreasonable.


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