I guess the normal reaction for anyone should be guilt if they ruin something that belongs to another person.

So should this woman feel like an a**hole for ruining her brother’s book?


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AITA for “ruining” my brother’s book?

“Okay so my (21F) brother (18M) has a collection of books, he has been collecting since he was around 10, he reads almost every day and has 2 large bookshelves in his room.

I’ve recently started trying to read more and I saw a book recommendation online, I noticed my brother reading the same book a few days earlier and instead of buying one online I thought I’d just ask him if I could borrow his, he said he’d finished reading it and to go ahead but just return it when I’m finished. There was no problem with this on either end.

Anyways I was reading the book in the living room, my brother came in, no problem. I folded the paper over to keep the page and as I was doing that he looked over and started shouting at me for bending the page, he grabbed the book from me and stormed upstairs and slammed his door.

I followed him up to see why it was such a big problem but he continued to scream at me for “ruining” his books, I’ve always done that with books and I don’t understand why it’s bad, I get that he likes his books but jeez.”

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