It’s important for everyone to be aware and prepared for trouble when they go for a run by themselves, but it is especially crucial for women to go the extra mile and protect themselves. It’s sad but true that we live in a world where women need to think this way, but that’s the way it is.

Recently, a woman named Amanda Deibert shared some thoughts on the matter Twitter that went viral and elicited a lot of responses from women out there.

Here are some of the responses to Deibert’s tweets.

1. Smart move


2. Panic alarm


3. Hidden weapon

4. Wow


5. Don’t mess with River


6. Bodyguard

7. Good ideas

8. Protector

9. Armed

10. DNA

11. Share with your friends

12. Pretty intense

13. Don’t mess with Texas

14. Looks like it would do some damage


15. All of it

Ladies, always be aware of your surroundings and do whatever you need to do to protect yourself out there!

Also, I’m so sorry.